Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Coding : Spaceships

When your codes work and you proudly give it to your partner in the project for integration, you are already imagining the beauty of a stress-free day and will just think about other deadlines to meet and oral exams to painfully endure. So in the integration process, your methods are going to be called upon by a main program. Okay.

Hmm, let's try to put it this way. Think of it as you made a lot of spacecrafts, wherein these spaceships have their own purpose: one for repair, one for creating missiles, one for refueling, one for creating more spaceships, one for supplying energy drinks to the pilots, etc. So, your partner also created his own spacecrafts, now you try to combine them to form an army to defeat the evil forces of Darth Vader and Kris Aquino trying to control your planet, the Planet of the Apes.

You: C'mon! Let's combine our spacecrafts! Some are already free from technical glitches and all that jazz!
Partner: You listen to jazz?
You: I listen to mechanical music, those made when I created the spaceships.
Partner: But how can we combine our mechanical wonders worthy of the Inter-Gallactica Noble Work of the National Congress of Universal Black Hole?
You: Hmmm... Something like...
Partner: Yes! You are very bright! Let's make a command center! Just like how you described a while ago, this idea of a command center will be the main communication line of the spaceships, so that we'll know which spacecraft is to be called already depending on the request of an external actor.

So if someone from the planet wants to have his own spacecraft, he calls the command center. Presented here is a recording of an "actual" conversation/process execution from an external user to the command center.

Command Center: Thank you for calling the Command Center. If you know the option desired, please enter your desired method. For assistance and the list of options available, please cry for help repeatedly until someones does help you. This is not an automated message. This was recorded a long time ago and it just plays whenever you call. I think it's automated.
Someone: Ugh, that was really helpful. Ok, I want to have my own spaceship because I want to do some atmosphere psychological purchasing (yup the counterpart of window shopping) at nearby planets such as the planet of the Chimpanzees.

Then the Command Center calls the spaceship that is in charge of building new spaceships. So there. That's just how it works.

This should be made into a children's book or something. I want it pop-up and glow in the dark. Also to be released as an audio book. Awesome.

MORAL: Trying to explain something to someone who has zero idea of what you are trying to explain is the same as trying to explain to a kid the philosophy of life when all you read are Philosophy books which are also explaining its concepts to someone it treats not like a kid, but like someone who is well-immersed in Philosophy and has done a lot of reflection on life.

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