Thursday, March 19, 2009

Siroma Odro

Baby, say hello to my little friend, Max Scheler.

Siroma Odro. The opposite of Ordo Amoris. Okay.

Do you know what Ordo Amoris is? It's your destiny, my dear! It is only one. So, better have a personal assessment of what you have at present (those you haven't chosen) so you could know your destiny based from it. Well, you could still push yourself into doing what you think you are good at, no one's forcing you, but don't think of anything why you fail, don't progress, or anything. Gar. So, I'll just start this entry with... last night.

My friends and I were going to completely answer the thesis statements for our Philosophy oral exams scheduled March 19. Mark was doing their Systems Analysis and Design final deliverable, and Jean was... Hmm, I really don't know (say this with the Clear commercial accent). So I told them we'll start like 10pm, so I put green nail polish instead. Yes, when you don't want to study or do your project yet, you'll look for different activities to freakingly kill time.

Includes but are not limited to: Eating, watching tv, Internet surfing, eating, volunteering to do chores, playing with the dog, taking a bath, eating, brushing your teeth, exercising, eating, or even painting your nails.

So I did the last one. Imagine how am I going to type my inputs for answering the thesis statements if my nails still haven't dried up. So what did I do? I took a nap. Yep. Loser. I woke up around 2am. Then fell asleep again. Woke up at 4am, tried to read notes, then fell asleep.

I was supposed to be in school before 8am, so when the department releases the sign-up sheet for Operating System project defense, I could pretty much choose a decent schedule. However, I woke up at 6:30am and I haven't read anything yet. I have studied some thesis statements the day before, but you know, sometimes my brain acts like a RAM chip. It's volatile. I just asked good friends to sign-up for me. Haha.

So by 9am we had our final presentation for Pattern Recognition. Impromptu report but not-so-impromptu slides, and I explained our group's name. Our group is called Sextans. Yep. Others commented about it, felt violated and scandalized, so the last part of our presentation was about our groupname. I told them this true crap that we had a vision for our group, turned to the celestial bodies, and thought of something that would suggest pattern recognition. Before learning about K Nearest Neighbor, Bootstrapping, Naive Bayes algorithm, the only thing we thought of when we heard pattern recognition is : Constellation. So the next thing is to look for an appealing name. Orion's Belt? Big Dipper? Andromeda? Lynx? Nope. Those constellations are not worthy. Sextans is the name! Instant attraction!

All I can say is that Pattern Recognition is fun because the people you like being with are around you. And your teacher is Indonesian. You also have bibo foreign classmates. Ahihi.

Ok I'm getting tired. Let's end this. So we went to Matteo Ricci Study Hall to fully punish ourselves and at the same time enlighten us more about the philosophy of life values. After a lot of spraying saliva, graduation party invites (c/o Rachel), hunger pangs, stress, noisy people, we were nearing our time. Ten minutes that will decide 30% of your grade. Ten minutes that encompass what you have learned the entire semester.

Then our teacher called. The oral exams were postponed because he has to bring his dad to the hospital.

The anticipation of death, is far worse than death itself.

Unless you are Chuck Norris.

MORAL: Know your fate so you could determine your destiny. Yep, there are events/objects in our lives we never asked for. They just come to you, attract you, and there's nothing you can do but fulfill your destiny. Your ordo amoris. Your... but I really want to talk about co-responsibility and the collective person. Next time. :)

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