Sunday, March 08, 2009

Passenger Seat

There's no difference from riding the Space Shuttle and riding Karen's car.

I don't tell stories about Karen's driving skills to my parents because maybe they won't let me ride in her car ever again. The two times I have ridden in her car, I had the highest chance of meeting an accident (i.e. the passenger seat). First was after we went spontaneously to Eastwood last February 27. Apple and Chi were to be dropped off at McDonald's when she was about to start driving WHILE Chi was still alighting the car. I saw it and shouted something like, "Karen! Chi's still here!" She apologized, but we don't really care about that. Haha. So Apple and Chi were safe already, Ryan and I were not. After Ryan left, along EDSA, we (Karen and I) stopped at the intersection (yes, why would you stop in the middle of an intersection, right?) to turn right to Shaw Boulevard. Just so, a bus was fast approaching us. The car turning right + a bus along EDSA rushing towards us + if bus really hits us = dead person in the passenger seat (who happened to be me). She dropped me at Liberty Center and joked, "Yay! We arrived safely!" That was supposed to be funny, but if it's your first time riding her car just like me, I retorted, "Isn't this supposed to be a normal thing?" I thanked her for the free ride, btw.

Then there was March 7, 2009. Ryan blogged about this already but let's take it from the passenger seat's point of view. After the DISCS (SOSE) Open House, we decided to watch a movie at Eastwood City. So, we started to embark on a dangerous journey that is riding Karen's car. Everything went smoothly until it was time to do a u-turn. Jean even whispered to Ryan how well (and safely) Karen was driving until we almost hit the aisle. "Oops!"
Okay, we survived that, then I pointed, "Isn't that the entrance to Eastwood?" We just missed the turn and had to do a u-turn again. This time, everything went fine. Thank you, Lord. Parking facing the wall was not fine. She hit the concrete block (the yellow thing for the tires) and I volunteered to go out and assist her. After the movie, we (the passengers) thought of racing each other so that the last person will sit at the passenger seat. It didn't push through and in the end, I was the sacrificial lamb again. We were supposed to drop Jean off in KFC (Katipunan) when we were still at the 3rd lane, then Jean pointed out that KFC is near and she swerved towards KFC and we almost got hit by a taxi AND an owner-type jeepney. Mark asked to be dropped off at McDonald's. Karen asked if it's okay if we'll just drop him at Shakey's (which is a stone's throw away from McDo, like 10 steps near). Karen stopped where cars usually turn right. And as usual, I reacted, "Why here?!" just so, there was a space in McDo and we stopped there. Mark alighted safely and when we were about to leave, she almost hit the kid who was helping drivers park. Ryan and I almost had a heart attack and Karen defended herself, "The kid was blocking the way!" Ooooookay. We survived the ride to her house (even though we drove through humps without slowing down). After the COA Awards Party, I begged that someone riding from Reno's car shift to us. Marvin was the brave soul, while Jac, Louie, and Stacy stayed in Reno/Gambi's car. Bleh. Ryan asked to be dropped at the overpass in Greenhills and afterwards, Karen turned at a No U-Turn slot. Of course, everyone saw that there was a No U-Turn sign there and she just said, "But my mom does it! It's true, I swear!" Okay. A few more, she almost hit another kid, and after a few hours of sanity, her parents arrived, and when she was closing their gate her sister cried from the back seat, "Karen! Muntik na!" --- she almost hit their car.

God bless us.

MORAL: When this girl is driving, be afraid. Be very afraid.

First pic looks really normal. Then the next pic is still normal.. or not. (Far right)

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