Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teknomo & Tacolito

My last entry said something about our Pattern Recognition class. Assuming you have read it, this is our class picture a while ago. There's our lovable teacher, Mr. Kardi Teknomo!

I don't know how you call small tacos. Taco-lette? Tacolito? Tacolita? An even smaller tacolette? Tacolitito? Tacolitita? Crap. I have to really concentrate on doing our deliverable. Then at one point our house smelled funny. Everyone reacted to it while I remained indifferent to the smell. Ahh, the beauty of multi-culturalism. We found out Sanny (the cook) was in the mood to make some evening snacks (can't call it midnight because it's just 8pm or something). Merienda 2? I don't know. I don't care. She was preparing tacos (the funny smell emanated from the seasoning)! Yuuuuuumeh. Of course you know tacos have beef as a component, right? Fear not! Sanny is my yaya since I was less than a year old so all is fair. I have my own "component" so it's back to fairyland. Much time has been spent preparing my tacos, so there was a lot of time for eating it, too.

The bottom rightmost "beef-like" ingredient is me-friendly. Ngaha.

Taco Counter:
Big Taco - 2
Tacolito - 4

Just to have an idea on the size of this freaky tacolito which is bite-size (my sister was like, "Diet-size tacos!!"), here's a picture of it.

MORAL: If you eat much, well, you'll really eat much. That's life. Time flies when you're having fun. Having fun preparing your food, and having fun eating it.

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