Friday, March 13, 2009

Theology Report the 13th

Newly found people surprise you. Newly found? I can't think of a better term for people whom you just had the chance to know. Like you've been seeing them in class for almost a semester and just when you don't have enough groupmates and they also don't, you combine your sorry derrieres because there is strength in numbers. Actually it's supposed to be "sorry asses" but I want to be child reader-friendly because I think those who read my entries are around 8-14 years old in terms of maturity (kidding!) so I try to look for somewhat unfamiliar words in exchange of profanity and all that jazz.

Yesterday's discussion for Theology report was fun. Last night's Theology conference via YM was funnier. The Theo meeting before the report was fun, too. And the Theo report was the best. Well, because we're the best group. Hahahaha. Theo groupings should only have 4-5 members. Four people per group is the standard while having 5 is pretty much okay. But we're 7 in our group. Well, what did I tell you? We're the best group!

So our Theology virtual conference revolved around SOCO (the ABS-CBN real-life detective-like show) and Tayong Dalawa (yes, Kim Chiu). I can't post what we have talked about because I have to protect the identity of my AB Euro groupmates especially one who has the alias "Jesus Jo" who was the only one who wore pink during our reporting. Haha. We told her everyone's going to wear pink but we all wore white and all she just said was, "I thought we're going to wear pink?" We also kid her about student-teacher relationships and I think she's cursing us under her breath.

Skip a few hours and we're going to report live. Mark was the only one who came in front and worked the projector. Mind you, we just got the remote for the LCD projector like 10 minutes before the first bell. Enny, one of my groupmates, had a class before Theology so she went straight to the classroom. It was already 11:27am (our class is at 11:30am) and she sent me a text message, "Papasok naman kayo, diba?" Yes. It was like no one wanted to report. Haha.

Back to the room, our teacher asked the group that one of the members lead the prayer. Since Jesus Jo was our favorite receiver of tormented comments, one of my groupmates seated at the back shouted, "Sir, Jo will pray." And of course Jesus Jo didn't want to. While there was the brouhaha surrounding it, I poked her to ask about something. She thought I was also suggesting that she pray. She directed some profane words at me. Plain "*toot* *toot*, Mei." I was shocked. Surprised. Haha.

Ok let's start the report. First 2 speakers went well until Markyakis, my blockmate, started his part. He was discussing about the human dynamism. Our teacher asked him, "So if you're saying the symbolisms ae there but the meaning is put to it, can we just use patis in baptism?" Mark retorted, "No, sir!"
Teacher: Oh, bakit?
Mark: Kasi sir, mabaho po yun.
There was laughter from our classmates while us, his groupmates, looked like we saw a ghost or looked like our life force was sucked out or both. And he ain't done yet.
Teacher: Eh di gatas na lang?
Mark: Hindi rin po puwede. Malagkit po yun eh.
Teacher: Eh diba may naliligo sa gatas?
Mark: Dati pa po yun.

Yeah, Mark claims he hasn't slept yet. But what the heck. There was issue about how oil became part of the physical ritual. "Why oil and not perfume?" "Because sir, oil is used for cleansing." We know Mark is saying words he must've not said but the situation was there, deal with it. The answer must have been "Oil is used for HEALING." Here is the atomic bomb:
"Kasi sir sabi ng isa kong groupmate from experience, pampatanggal daw ng libag ang oil."

I almost cried peanut butter from what he said. The horror. Just before the conclusion, Mics also had his booboo. Haha. He ate bread there (he was discussing the Eucharist) and was still reporting while trying so hard to swallow the bread. "Isn't it wrong to talk while your mouth is full?" And I thought our teacher was talking about blasphemy or something. Having a sense of humor is not deadly, it must be a requirement.

To add patis to our situation, the thing is that we have our Operating Systems LT same day, and our groupmates have their French LT as well. Great.

MORAL: Theology is fun. Friday the 13th is fun. March is fun. Sarcasm is fun.

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