Friday, March 27, 2009

You Belong With Me

[Edit (March 30). About the CD.]

So here's to everything
Coming down to nothing

Here's to silence

That cuts me to the core

Where is this going?

Thought I knew for a minute but I don't anymore

Now the 2nd sem for my junior year is all over (yeah you don't know if you have passed some subjects or you have to repeat them but technically my junior year is still over). The past week is not a blur but a heavily darkened exciting week. More like a necessary journey that masks itself as exciting because if you don't feel anything during the entire course, either you don't really give a dam with an N about your grades, or you're just the king/queen of self-confidence. After all, self-confidence is the key to World Peace.

What makes this journey so much better is today, when I tried to read the newspaper from a long time of abstention, I saw an article on Taylor Swift. I thought it would really be a late review since her album has been in circulation since Abraham was still a baby. The picture of the album was different, not the usual "look to the right" album cover, but the UK Edition one. My cousin and my aunt were not able to buy me my copy, so if ever, I can still have them around May, when my other aunt comes back from the US.

If ever I'll have a battle song for my journey in life - acads, orgs, the complexity, simplicity, irony of human relationships, the philosophy of life - it'll be Change from Taylor Swift. It wasn't chosen to be one of the tracks for the AT&T Olympic album something for no reason. I miss swimming, running, and tennis. Summer.

So I bought the CD. Something like this. My sister said Taylor Swift looks pretty nice. I don't care. I just like the curly hair. (Wow, it rhymes!)

EDIT (Mar.30) : I just opened the CD of Taylor Swift and checked the album cover. Then I accidentally dropped my umbrella from my laptop bag and it went straight down to the CD case. Great. A lot of things came into my mind. a.) I hope my aunt can bring back the CDs I requested to be bought in the US b.) I could buy another CD because it's just 355 Pesos c.) I could just replace the CD case as long as I learn how to properly dismantle this jewel case. You could see the pretty big nasty crack I created. Waaah.

MORAL: Patience is a dang virtue. Don't just pass through time. Try to find the beauty in the experience. It's not always about the good times or the bad times, sometimes it's about the experience itself. The way you get so stressed, the feeling when you passed the final requirement, the moment you feel so annoyed with your groupmate, etc. Everything.

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