Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What the SOM?!

Here in Ateneo, there are 4 Schools. School of Science and Engineering, School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities, and JGSOM aka SOM aka John Gokongwei School of Management. SOM got the most number of students because well, Management programs attract the most number of students. There are only a few courses in the Loyola Schools (college "section" of the Ateneo) that have Management attached to them that are not part of SOM *cough* like my course *cough*. I don't want to expound on this and on the site content. I'm not at liberty.

Click and look at their website. It's a legitimate website, linked from Ateneo's main page. Cool. Never thought they'd be that sensitive to music culture and technology that they got Panic At the Disco people and Yehey donya to be one of their advisers.

Uh oh, somebody's gonna lose their lunch money. 

MORAL: Read and check again (and again) before you publish something. The whole world is your audience, and it's not that small.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Not The Only Way Out

For each day, 3,000 people committed suicide last 2007. According to World Health Organization, men have higher tendencies to commit suicide than women. Also, as years come, younger people (15 onwards) are starting to commit suicide as well, compared in the past wherein older people are the only ones who commit suicide.

Wow. It's not a statistic we could be proud of. 

International survey statistics show that countries with "higher levels of religion" (those who have accepted religion) have lower rates of suicide, so Philippines is not on top of the "suicide watchlist".

Top executives and big-time entrepreneurs have committed suicide overseas because of fear of recession. Great.

Drink jewelry cleaner, jump off buildings, shoot yourself, hang yourself, drink any other chemicals, jump into the railings just when a train is approaching, slit your wrists, I don't know. Feels so sad. Depression.

I'm overhearing The Correspondents on television. The topic is suicide. There are a lot of cases featured. One is of a husband suspecting his wife of having an affair because her disposition towards him changed. She became cold and once, he saw her texting secretly. He also read some SMS in her phone. So, what did he do? He drank two glasses of chlorine dissolved in water. He said the first glass was nothing - it felt nothing. Then on the second glass, he felt a strain in his chest and his vision became blurry. His sibling saw him, so he was brought to the hospital and lives to tell his story.

Those who have thought of committing suicide thinks twice of doing it not because of leaving their family or their loved ones, but of spiritual concerns. They believe it's evil, bad, and directly disobeying God. They still believe life is a gift from God, and that they have no right to end it. Hell. Damnation.

It's not the only way out. It's not the solution for overpopulation.

MORAL: Talk to people. Seek professional help. The first thing to do here is to assess if you really have a problem. Admit it if you have one, and don't be afraid to seek help. I know it's not that easy. But life ain't easy and though walking through the highway with blindfold is easier, it's not - for the driver who could possibly hit you. Suicide is not the solution for overpopulation. And oh, don't freaking keep text messages in your phone when you're having an affair. If you don't want other people reading stuff from your phone, better delete it or save it somewhere else. 

There Is No Cure For Emo

Okay, okay. I know Ryan has been enraged by what's been happening lately. I thank God I am not part of any other let's-keep-each-other-updated-by-telling-the-world-whatever-we're-doing-every-minute Internet site. I tell Ryan to not mind, to just keep his arteries from bursting, and to send me the documents first before he goes mad and strangle someone.

Innuendos are not the BOMB. You just feel good for sometime, probably after dropping an innuendo but in the end, if the intended receiver doesn't get it somehow, whose the pathetic one? Yep. Sorry, dude. Sometimes I hate the world, too, you know, but I can move on. Try it!

By the way. This is not an innuendo. Haha. It's a plain entry for those who care.

MORAL: If you've got problems, find a human being and talk to this person either through phone or better yet, vis-a-vis, because the virtual world is really a douche if you ask me. Not unless you want to talk to me, because I guess you won't. Chat, Facebook, blog, whatever networking sites, it's still different. Or if you really got no one to talk to, yeah, just blog about it or use the updates-every-minute-come-read-my-life site and pray that people will respond to your plea of emotional instability.

Is it me or I just did the exact opposite of what I typed? I'll talk to this person soon enough. God bless his senses.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Making Them Poop Is Ridiculous

Prepare for a short Tagenglish (why not Taglish? 'Cause most parts are still in English) blog entry, because I don't Plurk and I want to document what I say because I think in the future, I'd laugh my hemorrhoids off when I read my blog again. I just hope Blogger doesn't crumble by then. It's backed by Google so I think my blog is in safe hands. Oh I just remembered the old commercial jingle, "You're in goooood haaaands... with Metroooo Baaaaank!" Ok, nevermind.

I blogged about Restaurant City before. Now it's plain boring. You don't have any other goals. After you have reached level 10 in your dishes, you're butt hurts from watching them cook, clear tables, give you a thumbs up, or complaining how your popular restaurant doesn't have enough free seats to accomodate these hungry cute virtual midgets. OMG I just read it's 2:30am already and I'm still typing my canker sore here! Let's maket this quick. No more side comments, just, uhmm, but what is my blog for if I don't add my comments. Crap! I'm getting lost here. Focus, focus.

Anak ng tokwa yang Restaurant City kasi hindi ko na makita yung essence. The beauty is lost, the purpose is gone. You just play it to race your friends' level then what. You don't want to leave your restaurant because you care about the gourmet points. So, what will Restaurant City do?

Magdadag ng inidoro. Yes, add freaking toilets, add excretion features, and a new job opportunity for your employees. If they need a job and you can't think of making him/her either a cook or a waiter, click the Cleaner job. Cleaner.

So someone cleans for you already. Wala ng basurang pipindutin yung mga bibisita sa restaurant mo para magkaroon ng extrang barya. Hurrah. Ano sense? May pagtatawanan ka na sa bawat restaurant. You'll visit each restaurant of people in your list then you'll make fun of the person who cleans the resto. It's plain mean.

Matapos ang lahat ng mahahabang maintenance ng Restaurant City, at kapag nakuha mo na yung level 10 na goal, endless playing na. Palevel-up ka lang until magsawa ka? No raw! Ang solusyon is magdagdag ng toilet! Pero wala namang wall feature. So, makikita ng lahat na nakaupo ka sa inidoro na maaaring ilagay sa gitna ng restaurant or malapit sa entrance. If mabait ka, papaligiran mo siya ng divider.... Or puwede rin yung glass divider para walang sense. Not that those eating in your restaurant give a damn. 

MORAL: I better sleep. 'Cause I just realized that it's just in Restaurant City where job opportunities increment.

Whose Day Is It Anyway?

Russia just lost 1-3 from Italy in the Fed Cup. Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta wiped the Russians out. Never to be heard of again, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Anna Chakvetadze went down the drain. Hello?! Russians out of the Fed Cup finals?! What's happening to the world? This is going to be Italy's 3rd Fed Cup final in 4 years. I wonder why their own players do not win more tournaments, but they're good in team events! The defending champion is out, tanananaaaan.

Meanwhile, the fresh US team beat out the Czech Republic 3-2. Czech tennis players rank higher than the Americans (without the Williams sisters) but they lost. Talk about ranking. Ranking is not about everything. If the Williams sisters were there, it's not fair, and the others would be covered by their shadows. So, I think it's a good day for American tennis sans Williams. It was a good decision not to make Nicole Vaidisova play. I feel bad for her. I think a lot of people feel bad for her, so I won't add myself to them. Now, I don't feel bad for her! What a relief! That's minus one for "feeling bad for others" count.

But my laptop still has no name. You don't give your things names, but I like to. It's like a friend, no, more like a slave or something, but since I gave a name to my laptop before, I think I'd name my new one, too. 

So Nadal won his 5th consecutive Barcelona Open title. He's that good on clay! I think if he becomes radioactive while playing in the clay court, he'll be like the Sandman or something. Muscles and material - wise, Sandman's the best character for him. But he'll be the waterproof Sandman because he sweats a lot. He doesn't absorb water, he releases them. Auck.

MORAL: You still got lots of things to do but you type about tennis and random things. I type a lot of "or something" lately. Crap, I dislike it or something! Doesn't mean when you're on top, you'll always be the best. Losing is part of life, don't blame it on other things. Yeah you blame yourself sometimes, but I don't want to believe that "things go as they do because I make them move like that." I think when it's your day, it's your day, but when it's not your day, work your freaking biceps and quadriceps (it's supposed to be ass but I'd rather not type it aloud.. what?!) to make it your day or at least half your day. It would never be your day, just half of it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Death Documented

Then it's gone. You've been together for quite some time, I consider it a long time. How many years? December of my freshman year. It was just like that.

Have you ever held a dysfunctional electronic device? If yes, can you remember the feeling? How about when you really need it asap? It hurts. It pains me. The additional stress of trying to revive it, look for ways of getting what you can from it, the effort in looking for a new one, it just doesn't feel right. Okay, drama for you, but it's true!

I had a hiatus from the virtual world and the electronic society for some time because my laptop, Alexander, died. He had a freaking heart attack, just when he had a check-up 2 days before his death.

April 14, Dr Carlo (ok he's just called Kuya Carlo) at the Technical Support Group (TSG) in our school even checked for hidden viruses and told me my laptop's clean! Tadah. I knew it, my anti-virus is a gift from the gods. Then Thursday morning comes. Yay, right? It's Thursday. Nothing could go wrong. 

April 16, I was early. Early, that I even asked the TSG Head for the keys to our room. Ngahaha. After some of my groupmates arrived, my screen went kaput. Garbage. Colorful garbage. I saw rainbow and static something. Tried to restart it. Black screen. Okay, patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. And patience is a virtue. Congrats to myself. I had patience that time. Hmmm... Okay I lost patience and tried to restart it again. Include a lot of, "please work or I'll hurt my groupmates." Patience went on and off again, yup, just like some relationships. This time, I got so pissed off I went to the TSG. Tanananan. They told me maybe it's because of the memory or whatever. They'd try to use an external monitor and see if it's the monitor. They asked me if I want them to open it tomorrow because it's closing time. Okay. It was a long night for me. Our old desktop just blue screened on me. That felt bad.

April 17, I went back to the TSG. They told me they tried to replace the RAM, and all the crap it still doesn't work. They did other stuff and the diagnosis was, graphics card. It's common 5580 series death certificate. So if you're using a 5580 series laptop from Acer, better back-up your stuff already. At some point, it's going to leave you. So I don't have anything to use. And we're going to have our EB (Executive Board) meeting on April 18-19. What am I going to use? Pen and Paper. Yes. Pen and paper. So I told my dad about it. We're having a second opinion in Cubao. Told me the same thing, just by looking at my laptop and from my description. They told me it's a common problem for 5580s. Wah.

April 18-19. I didn't have any laptop with me. Yay... NOT.

I'll end this just like that. Want me to scan what I have written? If you want, just say so, I still won't scan it, nonetheless.

MORAL: This is not about me looking for a new laptop, or anything related to new, fix, happiness, Quickly, smile, fireworks, laughter, books, puppies, rainbows, CDs, unicorns, and all the likes of happy thoughts. This entry is just about how I tried to summarize whatever happened to my laptop who (which) left me. So young, with so much future. My laptop left me just when I needed it most. Just when we're going to set the future of our organization. Did I mention there was a teardrop in my left eye the first time I came back from the TSG when my teacher joked and told me to just buy a new one? It hurts like crap. I know laptops are cheaper now, but there's sentimental value. And it's not a good joke. Not at all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nobody Said It Was Easy

I've been working in 1150 Technology from March 30 to forever. Yeah we started early, worked our hunchbacks and hemorrhoids without breaks even through Holy Week (sorry, Jesus, we're really repenting our sins and reflecting on our lives, we just worked during Your week because uhmmm errrrr). Sundays and some day-offs are by request so if you want freedom, save it for the future, where cars transform into robots. You could smell and imagine vacation but it's like envisioning an oasis in the middle of an obviously vast desert with the scorching sun glaring at you. You keep on walking towards that oasis, barefeet in the sandy desert with no umbrella or sunscreen. Then you see a plant, thinking it's a heaven-sent coconut tree. You could feel the cool shade the tree can give. Then as you approach the tree, you remember you worked through the Holy Week instead of going to church, so the heaven-sent coconut tree is a fake. Yep, you hugged a cactus plant instead. You almost screamed in pain but your throat is sooo dry you just hurt yourself. Then you wake up from all the dreaming and saw reality. You're in the sandy beaches of a really luxurious resort with people you never thought you'll be with. You swim a little, talk more, play really good music, watch the setting sun, and do some crazy dancing. Then you all walk towards the beach bar, extending your arms to get your NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks, and saw their cactus-pierced marks.

It's a cool experience, not desert-like-hotness-or-whatever. We're not yet there (we're just halfway and it's still a long bumpy road), but I don't regret working with my groupmates. We might not always be complete and I still believe 9AM is very early. We have turned down companies of our preference for this. I never thought squatting wherever possible is fun. Aircon is still one of the best gifts from God.

MORAL: Some things are meant to be, and it's a good idea to believe that God has a plan for us. And that things happen for a reason. There's a reason why The Veronicas are twins, why Flo Rida's body is so bulky, and why Lady Gaga is uhmm like that. Can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my poker face. You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down. 'Cause I feel so untouched and I want you so much that I just can't resist you it's not enough to say I miss you.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

11:30 Discussions with My Family

My parents and my siblings are all here. Watching TV, scrutinizing the shows and commercials on, and whatever we have. My brother makes fun of my dad's shorts because it's sooo firey red. Then Sanny made Nestea Iced Tea. You know the new Nestea Fit? Yeps. So my dad became curious about it. My brother told him, "Dad, healthy yan. Nestea Fit, yung may Lycopene."

I know what you're thinking. It's L-Carnitine, but we're twisted just like that. "Amuyin mo, Dad. Amoy paa diba? Nestea Feet eh." Then my dad poured the iced tea and was holding his tummy back, "Wow super effective lumiliit na kagad tiyan ni Dad, pero dapat paa eh." "Para kay Mei talaga yang Nestea Feet. Para lumiit naman yung paa niya. Laki eh." My mom laughed ridiculously or annoyingly, so did my sister, then the rest of us. Domino laughing effect. I told my mom, "Ganda ng tawa ah." She said she's just reading the balance sheet-like report-like something. "Wow, kailan naging funny ang numbers?!" Yeah. Twisted people.

Right now we're watching The Correspondents, and the topic is Retreat. You know those retreats you were made to attend during highschool? My brother just told us about his friends' retreat experience. Let's call them Friend A, B, and C. Friend A has a crush on someone in YFC. They're going to a retreat. Friend A invited my brother, Friends B, and C. However, my brother knows about it so he said no. So Friend A invited B and C and told them they're going to a vacation, they'll be swimming and meeting new people. B and C agreed and at the start were pretty much convinced since there were a lot of people and all. Then they were welcomed with praise and worship songs and the sharing part. Friend B and C scrambled to leave the retreat area when they had the chance. These houses usually have gates (just like all houses in the Philippines) and they climbed over them. They threw their bags and stuff. Friend C forgot his shoes inside, and he repeated the ordeal. Both left the area and good thing they just live in Antipolo, so it's manageable. Friend A was just surprised he can't seem to find his friends around.

Then we saw the Mar Roxas commercial wherein he's riding a pedicab. It's so annoying, and we were throwing comments. "In the first place, sumakay silang dalawa ng kasama niya sa pedicab na alam niyang bata ang pumapadyak?!" Then there's the, "At nakipagkwentuhan pa siya habang umaandar sila!"

Wow. Political commercials are so much fun.

MORAL: Nestea Fit doesn't have Lycopene. It has L-Carnitine. However, if you just keep on drinking them, you'll just accumulate a lot of sugar and it'll make you fat and diabetic. Drink water, then try to make yourself fit. Not just because it's summertime, but because you have to take care of your body. You have to. Unless you have a perverted Ordo Amoris.

The Evil Application

DISCS (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science) teachers and a couple of MIS graduates in my virtual restaurant when I was just starting. Yeah, memories.

I've never been a fan of any social networking sites. Multiply is just for uploading pictures you are willing to be scrutinized by everyone (contacts or non-contacts). Then Facebook. I made an account there because people kept adding me up or something. So Facebook, okay. Multiply, okay. I'm not adding Twitter or Plurk. A blog and two sites plus YM are enough to keep me busy. Haha. But what makes Facebook different is that it has applications. Such a smart-ass. So before, I'd just be playing Pet Society and Battle of the Bands and uhmm, just those. Then during my OJT thing, one groupmate introduced Restaurant City to us. The Evil Application (TEA) is born. TEA or Restaurant City. Evil. Tempting you to keep on checking your Facebook and your restaurant.

My restaurant from the street view. Formerly known as Dyosa Restaurant, JSEC, DISCS Faculty, and Faculty Lounge. Now known as Faculty Slaves. Wooot!

Restaurant City. You'd probably be wondering how come I have accomplished this entry if Restaurant City is soo addictive? It's because the game is down again, maintenance or something. I blame my blockmates and friends who have just started playing as the main cause of the downtime of the game. Moving on, you make your own restaurant, hire your contacts to be your slaves, oh, employees, decide on which food to serve, and decorate your restaurant inside and outside. Think it's easy? Fear not! After getting the hang of it, your desire to have a fabulous restaurant begins to lurk. You'd talk to your friends about which ingredients you need and then the slyness begins. You try to sell/market your Lobster (an ingredient in the game) or any other ingredient you have in abundance so that they'd trade it with their item that you so desperately need. Then you invite your friends who either have or do not have Facebook to play Restaurant City so that when they already have a working restaurant, you could visit it and have a free ingredient. Then you talk to them next time just to check if they'd want to trade with you. Haha.

My employees are all my teachers. Haha. Faculty!

My friends have been so competitive in playing this game. You can't leave your restaurant unattended for so long because when you check it again, your slaves, err peasants, errr employees would be KO'd and be sleeping on the floor, unable to serve customers, and your popularity rating would sink down to the Marianas Trench. Then you'd work and wait again so that it'll have a rebirth, just like a phoenix. Just like Easter Sunday. So I don't know how my blockmates manage to stay up so late to check their restaurants and keep their points going. Haha.

MORAL: Facebook applications and flash games available over the Internet have become such a hit because well, I think it's because of the simplicity of the games and the accessibility. You could play it in your netbook or any other computer with access to the Internet, no more installing stuff, and/or when your teacher is discussing something in your computer class you could play and pretend to be listening. (FYI, I don't play games during class. I know a lot of people who do that but I'm not one of them.) I hope after I click the Publish Post button, Restaurant City is up and running already.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Learning and Trading Game

What have I learned from all the wedding preparations and all the time playing Restaurant City in Facebook?

1. Wedding Rituals - Pamamanhikan (you effing bring the best-looking members of your family and present them to your future in-laws for the relief that a good-looking family will emerge from the union of two wicked families). Well, that's what my mom told me. And I believe it. So if you're going to do pamamanhikan, you can hire us. My family would be willing to pretend that we're related.

2. Villains/Antagonists - They fail in killing/eliminating the good guys because they explain everything. They are too proud of their work, their evil plans, and the likes. So when they have the good guys in point blank range, they start expressing how they really feel. All the negative or the sad emotions they have kept inside of them gets to be spilled out while the captured good guy works his/her superior vena cava, quadriceps, and biceps out to try to break free from the evil grasp of our villain. Aside from the emotional ranting, the supervillain explains the complexity, the profoundness, the beauty, and all the time spent in doing his plan that is 90% effective only if he has pressed the button already. So spectators drop their jaws in awe while the protagonist still tries to break free. After discussing the greatness of the machine/device/plan, good dude successfully rigs the chains/whatever and either runs for his life or he whacks the evil nerdy dude to far far away, only to be heard of in the next movie or episode. Take Mojo Jojo. Emo to the Nth Level + Discusses all of his greatness = Sucktart. Never got the Powerpuff Girls.

3. Restaurant City - baby, you can't please everybody. No matter how hard you try, how much you spend, there'll always be someone who'll give you the thumbs down. So much for popularity ratings.

Restaurant City has been a really great distraction. You get stressed thinking of your employees, if they still have enough energy in them so your slaves could still feed and serve money-generating hungry, obese freaks. A new entry will be dedicated for Restaurant City. YES. Restaurant City is thaaaat evil. Haha.

MORAL: Learning never stops. After graduation or sem, it starts all over again. It's the only thing that is 24/7, after all, you can't say which knowledge is useful, because at one point in your life, you'll be needing it. Algebra? Yes, you'll need it. Trigo? Geom? Social Studies? PE? YES. Maybe just not now, but you will.