Tuesday, April 07, 2009

11:30 Discussions with My Family

My parents and my siblings are all here. Watching TV, scrutinizing the shows and commercials on, and whatever we have. My brother makes fun of my dad's shorts because it's sooo firey red. Then Sanny made Nestea Iced Tea. You know the new Nestea Fit? Yeps. So my dad became curious about it. My brother told him, "Dad, healthy yan. Nestea Fit, yung may Lycopene."

I know what you're thinking. It's L-Carnitine, but we're twisted just like that. "Amuyin mo, Dad. Amoy paa diba? Nestea Feet eh." Then my dad poured the iced tea and was holding his tummy back, "Wow super effective lumiliit na kagad tiyan ni Dad, pero dapat paa eh." "Para kay Mei talaga yang Nestea Feet. Para lumiit naman yung paa niya. Laki eh." My mom laughed ridiculously or annoyingly, so did my sister, then the rest of us. Domino laughing effect. I told my mom, "Ganda ng tawa ah." She said she's just reading the balance sheet-like report-like something. "Wow, kailan naging funny ang numbers?!" Yeah. Twisted people.

Right now we're watching The Correspondents, and the topic is Retreat. You know those retreats you were made to attend during highschool? My brother just told us about his friends' retreat experience. Let's call them Friend A, B, and C. Friend A has a crush on someone in YFC. They're going to a retreat. Friend A invited my brother, Friends B, and C. However, my brother knows about it so he said no. So Friend A invited B and C and told them they're going to a vacation, they'll be swimming and meeting new people. B and C agreed and at the start were pretty much convinced since there were a lot of people and all. Then they were welcomed with praise and worship songs and the sharing part. Friend B and C scrambled to leave the retreat area when they had the chance. These houses usually have gates (just like all houses in the Philippines) and they climbed over them. They threw their bags and stuff. Friend C forgot his shoes inside, and he repeated the ordeal. Both left the area and good thing they just live in Antipolo, so it's manageable. Friend A was just surprised he can't seem to find his friends around.

Then we saw the Mar Roxas commercial wherein he's riding a pedicab. It's so annoying, and we were throwing comments. "In the first place, sumakay silang dalawa ng kasama niya sa pedicab na alam niyang bata ang pumapadyak?!" Then there's the, "At nakipagkwentuhan pa siya habang umaandar sila!"

Wow. Political commercials are so much fun.

MORAL: Nestea Fit doesn't have Lycopene. It has L-Carnitine. However, if you just keep on drinking them, you'll just accumulate a lot of sugar and it'll make you fat and diabetic. Drink water, then try to make yourself fit. Not just because it's summertime, but because you have to take care of your body. You have to. Unless you have a perverted Ordo Amoris.

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