Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Evil Application

DISCS (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science) teachers and a couple of MIS graduates in my virtual restaurant when I was just starting. Yeah, memories.

I've never been a fan of any social networking sites. Multiply is just for uploading pictures you are willing to be scrutinized by everyone (contacts or non-contacts). Then Facebook. I made an account there because people kept adding me up or something. So Facebook, okay. Multiply, okay. I'm not adding Twitter or Plurk. A blog and two sites plus YM are enough to keep me busy. Haha. But what makes Facebook different is that it has applications. Such a smart-ass. So before, I'd just be playing Pet Society and Battle of the Bands and uhmm, just those. Then during my OJT thing, one groupmate introduced Restaurant City to us. The Evil Application (TEA) is born. TEA or Restaurant City. Evil. Tempting you to keep on checking your Facebook and your restaurant.

My restaurant from the street view. Formerly known as Dyosa Restaurant, JSEC, DISCS Faculty, and Faculty Lounge. Now known as Faculty Slaves. Wooot!

Restaurant City. You'd probably be wondering how come I have accomplished this entry if Restaurant City is soo addictive? It's because the game is down again, maintenance or something. I blame my blockmates and friends who have just started playing as the main cause of the downtime of the game. Moving on, you make your own restaurant, hire your contacts to be your slaves, oh, employees, decide on which food to serve, and decorate your restaurant inside and outside. Think it's easy? Fear not! After getting the hang of it, your desire to have a fabulous restaurant begins to lurk. You'd talk to your friends about which ingredients you need and then the slyness begins. You try to sell/market your Lobster (an ingredient in the game) or any other ingredient you have in abundance so that they'd trade it with their item that you so desperately need. Then you invite your friends who either have or do not have Facebook to play Restaurant City so that when they already have a working restaurant, you could visit it and have a free ingredient. Then you talk to them next time just to check if they'd want to trade with you. Haha.

My employees are all my teachers. Haha. Faculty!

My friends have been so competitive in playing this game. You can't leave your restaurant unattended for so long because when you check it again, your slaves, err peasants, errr employees would be KO'd and be sleeping on the floor, unable to serve customers, and your popularity rating would sink down to the Marianas Trench. Then you'd work and wait again so that it'll have a rebirth, just like a phoenix. Just like Easter Sunday. So I don't know how my blockmates manage to stay up so late to check their restaurants and keep their points going. Haha.

MORAL: Facebook applications and flash games available over the Internet have become such a hit because well, I think it's because of the simplicity of the games and the accessibility. You could play it in your netbook or any other computer with access to the Internet, no more installing stuff, and/or when your teacher is discussing something in your computer class you could play and pretend to be listening. (FYI, I don't play games during class. I know a lot of people who do that but I'm not one of them.) I hope after I click the Publish Post button, Restaurant City is up and running already.

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