Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Not The Only Way Out

For each day, 3,000 people committed suicide last 2007. According to World Health Organization, men have higher tendencies to commit suicide than women. Also, as years come, younger people (15 onwards) are starting to commit suicide as well, compared in the past wherein older people are the only ones who commit suicide.

Wow. It's not a statistic we could be proud of. 

International survey statistics show that countries with "higher levels of religion" (those who have accepted religion) have lower rates of suicide, so Philippines is not on top of the "suicide watchlist".

Top executives and big-time entrepreneurs have committed suicide overseas because of fear of recession. Great.

Drink jewelry cleaner, jump off buildings, shoot yourself, hang yourself, drink any other chemicals, jump into the railings just when a train is approaching, slit your wrists, I don't know. Feels so sad. Depression.

I'm overhearing The Correspondents on television. The topic is suicide. There are a lot of cases featured. One is of a husband suspecting his wife of having an affair because her disposition towards him changed. She became cold and once, he saw her texting secretly. He also read some SMS in her phone. So, what did he do? He drank two glasses of chlorine dissolved in water. He said the first glass was nothing - it felt nothing. Then on the second glass, he felt a strain in his chest and his vision became blurry. His sibling saw him, so he was brought to the hospital and lives to tell his story.

Those who have thought of committing suicide thinks twice of doing it not because of leaving their family or their loved ones, but of spiritual concerns. They believe it's evil, bad, and directly disobeying God. They still believe life is a gift from God, and that they have no right to end it. Hell. Damnation.

It's not the only way out. It's not the solution for overpopulation.

MORAL: Talk to people. Seek professional help. The first thing to do here is to assess if you really have a problem. Admit it if you have one, and don't be afraid to seek help. I know it's not that easy. But life ain't easy and though walking through the highway with blindfold is easier, it's not - for the driver who could possibly hit you. Suicide is not the solution for overpopulation. And oh, don't freaking keep text messages in your phone when you're having an affair. If you don't want other people reading stuff from your phone, better delete it or save it somewhere else. 

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