Monday, April 27, 2009

Making Them Poop Is Ridiculous

Prepare for a short Tagenglish (why not Taglish? 'Cause most parts are still in English) blog entry, because I don't Plurk and I want to document what I say because I think in the future, I'd laugh my hemorrhoids off when I read my blog again. I just hope Blogger doesn't crumble by then. It's backed by Google so I think my blog is in safe hands. Oh I just remembered the old commercial jingle, "You're in goooood haaaands... with Metroooo Baaaaank!" Ok, nevermind.

I blogged about Restaurant City before. Now it's plain boring. You don't have any other goals. After you have reached level 10 in your dishes, you're butt hurts from watching them cook, clear tables, give you a thumbs up, or complaining how your popular restaurant doesn't have enough free seats to accomodate these hungry cute virtual midgets. OMG I just read it's 2:30am already and I'm still typing my canker sore here! Let's maket this quick. No more side comments, just, uhmm, but what is my blog for if I don't add my comments. Crap! I'm getting lost here. Focus, focus.

Anak ng tokwa yang Restaurant City kasi hindi ko na makita yung essence. The beauty is lost, the purpose is gone. You just play it to race your friends' level then what. You don't want to leave your restaurant because you care about the gourmet points. So, what will Restaurant City do?

Magdadag ng inidoro. Yes, add freaking toilets, add excretion features, and a new job opportunity for your employees. If they need a job and you can't think of making him/her either a cook or a waiter, click the Cleaner job. Cleaner.

So someone cleans for you already. Wala ng basurang pipindutin yung mga bibisita sa restaurant mo para magkaroon ng extrang barya. Hurrah. Ano sense? May pagtatawanan ka na sa bawat restaurant. You'll visit each restaurant of people in your list then you'll make fun of the person who cleans the resto. It's plain mean.

Matapos ang lahat ng mahahabang maintenance ng Restaurant City, at kapag nakuha mo na yung level 10 na goal, endless playing na. Palevel-up ka lang until magsawa ka? No raw! Ang solusyon is magdagdag ng toilet! Pero wala namang wall feature. So, makikita ng lahat na nakaupo ka sa inidoro na maaaring ilagay sa gitna ng restaurant or malapit sa entrance. If mabait ka, papaligiran mo siya ng divider.... Or puwede rin yung glass divider para walang sense. Not that those eating in your restaurant give a damn. 

MORAL: I better sleep. 'Cause I just realized that it's just in Restaurant City where job opportunities increment.

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