Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Learning and Trading Game

What have I learned from all the wedding preparations and all the time playing Restaurant City in Facebook?

1. Wedding Rituals - Pamamanhikan (you effing bring the best-looking members of your family and present them to your future in-laws for the relief that a good-looking family will emerge from the union of two wicked families). Well, that's what my mom told me. And I believe it. So if you're going to do pamamanhikan, you can hire us. My family would be willing to pretend that we're related.

2. Villains/Antagonists - They fail in killing/eliminating the good guys because they explain everything. They are too proud of their work, their evil plans, and the likes. So when they have the good guys in point blank range, they start expressing how they really feel. All the negative or the sad emotions they have kept inside of them gets to be spilled out while the captured good guy works his/her superior vena cava, quadriceps, and biceps out to try to break free from the evil grasp of our villain. Aside from the emotional ranting, the supervillain explains the complexity, the profoundness, the beauty, and all the time spent in doing his plan that is 90% effective only if he has pressed the button already. So spectators drop their jaws in awe while the protagonist still tries to break free. After discussing the greatness of the machine/device/plan, good dude successfully rigs the chains/whatever and either runs for his life or he whacks the evil nerdy dude to far far away, only to be heard of in the next movie or episode. Take Mojo Jojo. Emo to the Nth Level + Discusses all of his greatness = Sucktart. Never got the Powerpuff Girls.

3. Restaurant City - baby, you can't please everybody. No matter how hard you try, how much you spend, there'll always be someone who'll give you the thumbs down. So much for popularity ratings.

Restaurant City has been a really great distraction. You get stressed thinking of your employees, if they still have enough energy in them so your slaves could still feed and serve money-generating hungry, obese freaks. A new entry will be dedicated for Restaurant City. YES. Restaurant City is thaaaat evil. Haha.

MORAL: Learning never stops. After graduation or sem, it starts all over again. It's the only thing that is 24/7, after all, you can't say which knowledge is useful, because at one point in your life, you'll be needing it. Algebra? Yes, you'll need it. Trigo? Geom? Social Studies? PE? YES. Maybe just not now, but you will.

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