Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There Is No Cure For Emo

Okay, okay. I know Ryan has been enraged by what's been happening lately. I thank God I am not part of any other let's-keep-each-other-updated-by-telling-the-world-whatever-we're-doing-every-minute Internet site. I tell Ryan to not mind, to just keep his arteries from bursting, and to send me the documents first before he goes mad and strangle someone.

Innuendos are not the BOMB. You just feel good for sometime, probably after dropping an innuendo but in the end, if the intended receiver doesn't get it somehow, whose the pathetic one? Yep. Sorry, dude. Sometimes I hate the world, too, you know, but I can move on. Try it!

By the way. This is not an innuendo. Haha. It's a plain entry for those who care.

MORAL: If you've got problems, find a human being and talk to this person either through phone or better yet, vis-a-vis, because the virtual world is really a douche if you ask me. Not unless you want to talk to me, because I guess you won't. Chat, Facebook, blog, whatever networking sites, it's still different. Or if you really got no one to talk to, yeah, just blog about it or use the updates-every-minute-come-read-my-life site and pray that people will respond to your plea of emotional instability.

Is it me or I just did the exact opposite of what I typed? I'll talk to this person soon enough. God bless his senses.


ryAn said...

LOL, my arteries are still healthy. I eat veggies. Whut, hahaha.

ryAn said...

And I'm just concerned dahil may hawak siyang leverage, mahirap na kung yun ang gamitin niya.