Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What the SOM?!

Here in Ateneo, there are 4 Schools. School of Science and Engineering, School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities, and JGSOM aka SOM aka John Gokongwei School of Management. SOM got the most number of students because well, Management programs attract the most number of students. There are only a few courses in the Loyola Schools (college "section" of the Ateneo) that have Management attached to them that are not part of SOM *cough* like my course *cough*. I don't want to expound on this and on the site content. I'm not at liberty.

Click and look at their website. It's a legitimate website, linked from Ateneo's main page. Cool. Never thought they'd be that sensitive to music culture and technology that they got Panic At the Disco people and Yehey donya to be one of their advisers.

Uh oh, somebody's gonna lose their lunch money. 

MORAL: Read and check again (and again) before you publish something. The whole world is your audience, and it's not that small.

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