Monday, April 27, 2009

Whose Day Is It Anyway?

Russia just lost 1-3 from Italy in the Fed Cup. Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta wiped the Russians out. Never to be heard of again, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Anna Chakvetadze went down the drain. Hello?! Russians out of the Fed Cup finals?! What's happening to the world? This is going to be Italy's 3rd Fed Cup final in 4 years. I wonder why their own players do not win more tournaments, but they're good in team events! The defending champion is out, tanananaaaan.

Meanwhile, the fresh US team beat out the Czech Republic 3-2. Czech tennis players rank higher than the Americans (without the Williams sisters) but they lost. Talk about ranking. Ranking is not about everything. If the Williams sisters were there, it's not fair, and the others would be covered by their shadows. So, I think it's a good day for American tennis sans Williams. It was a good decision not to make Nicole Vaidisova play. I feel bad for her. I think a lot of people feel bad for her, so I won't add myself to them. Now, I don't feel bad for her! What a relief! That's minus one for "feeling bad for others" count.

But my laptop still has no name. You don't give your things names, but I like to. It's like a friend, no, more like a slave or something, but since I gave a name to my laptop before, I think I'd name my new one, too. 

So Nadal won his 5th consecutive Barcelona Open title. He's that good on clay! I think if he becomes radioactive while playing in the clay court, he'll be like the Sandman or something. Muscles and material - wise, Sandman's the best character for him. But he'll be the waterproof Sandman because he sweats a lot. He doesn't absorb water, he releases them. Auck.

MORAL: You still got lots of things to do but you type about tennis and random things. I type a lot of "or something" lately. Crap, I dislike it or something! Doesn't mean when you're on top, you'll always be the best. Losing is part of life, don't blame it on other things. Yeah you blame yourself sometimes, but I don't want to believe that "things go as they do because I make them move like that." I think when it's your day, it's your day, but when it's not your day, work your freaking biceps and quadriceps (it's supposed to be ass but I'd rather not type it aloud.. what?!) to make it your day or at least half your day. It would never be your day, just half of it.

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