Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Searching... Searching... Still Searching.

I hate it when I'm looking for something I really like and I can't find it. Well, I wonder who would not be pissed off with that? I've been searching everywhere. The online search for our library (Rizal Library's OPAC), torrent search engines, National Bookstore's online search, eBay, Amazon (and other similar sites), PDF sites, and everything. Geez, books are really expensive! Book price plus shipping fee. Well, it's okay for me.... if I can find what I am looking for. I've been at it for hours. If I can only have a PayPal account, or a Kindle, or anything that allows to finish a shopping cycle in a single breath (or a couple of clicks), I know I'm doomed for bankcruptcy. Books costing $9.00++ seem light, but if you just do click and buy, it'll balloon.

I still haven't found my ebooks. I want to try searching in the ginormous National Bookstore in Cubao, but I think the weather won't permit me.

And I still dream of a library. Please remove the dress code in the school library! It's marginalization for those who want to read but can't because s/he is wearing slippers. Unfair. The only thing I know banned from the library is noise, but slippers? C'mon.

MORAL: Yes, it's 5AM and I haven't slept. So don't even try pushing that tariff on imported books. I don't want to be stuck reading tabloids or anything. Reading stuff from the Internet is okay but it feels different, and the Internet here in the country sucks BIG time.

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