Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evgeny, Baby. Whaat?! Yes. Korolev. Huh?

If you didn't understand anything from the title, you're definitely right! If you think the title is a douche and could do better like "Read Me, Now!", you're a genius - you're somewhat right! If you think this is about tennis again, you're probably right. Hey, you're becoming better! And less exciting. (No, I did not drink or smoke anything, because I don't.)

I was supposed to post this the day I read about it, but it somehow slipped my mind. (I always just type in Notepad. Notepad is the best thing ever created...... according to me.)

Caroline Wozniacki is out of the competition citing lower back injury. Oh c'mon. Warsaw Open just became even more boooooriiiiing. So, Daniela Hantuchova won her first and second round matches (which is really really good because I want her to win this now that Wozniacki is out to Tralaland), but if she loses in the next one, better make Warsaw Open a two-day tournament because it'll suck bigtime, and you got no one else to watch but Maria Sharapova. Now, that's painful in the eyes AND in the ears. I really really really (have I said "really" already?) wanted a 2nd round match between Shriekapoof and Wozniacki-eats-dinner-with-Fernando-Verdasco. Battle of the blondies. Of course, you know whose side I'm on. Yup, Ana Ivanovic's. Or Martina Hingis' or Justine Henin's or Steffi Graf's or all the other players'.

Even though Caroline Wozniacki did have dinner with Fernando Verdasco in Madrid, and I'm not much of a big fan of Verdascurse, I still like Wozniacki. Hmm wait, I remember Fernando saying in an interview that all of his ex-girlfriends have been brunette (Ana Ivanovic! Haha!). Maybe Caroline Wozniacki (the hair!) would be the "oh and there's a blonde". 

Do you know Evgeny Korolev? He has Anna Kournikova's genes in him. The same bloodline of being aesthetically judgementally beautiful. Evgeny Korolev is Anna's cousin and is also a tennis player. Born Feb 14, 1988 Evgeny is a hottie (though in the left picture there's still some improvement needed for the abdominal area). However, just like his cousin, his skills aren't much to talk about. I'm not kidding. You probably haven't even heard of him unless you're a stalker or a big tennis fan, which I am (the latter, not the former). He's nicknamed by people in the Web as "Baby Marat". Hmmm... Baby Marat is okay because "Baby" in terms of achievement but in time, he can be recognized more and more until his face will be plastered in everyone's desktop background or ceilings. (For the record, my wallpaper is org-related.)

Wow, I think Ana Ivanovic is doing a "Sharapovuh". It means "more endorsements, less tennis" and it's undeniable that a lot of tennis players look aesthetically judgementally good. Ana has to play more tennis. Although, signing all those endorsement deals is pretty much a job because of recession and stuff. Just reach some finals or win a few tournaments, and the deals will keep on coming. You just can't be an image model forever. Unless you're Daniela Hantuchova who has the bone structure of a (runway) model. I really wonder how she can hit those tennis balls with a structure like that and still look good. Amazing.

I just heard from TMZ, which is blaring on the TV behind me, a new term - AFBE. It means Acute Foreign Baby Envy, caused by Angelina Jolie. Hahaha.

MORAL: When will Evgeny Korolev be a household name?

Oooh, 21st post in the 21st day of May. I blog too much on my personal standard.

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