Monday, May 11, 2009

Forum of the Future

Presidentiable Forum. 

How would I answer the questions if I were there. Of course, I won't get all of the questions and type it here. I didn't even attend it. My mom asked me why. I said there are a lot of people there. She said, "but we're going to pick you up if ever." And I just told her that there are a lot of people and I still got the flu. She just rolled her eyes.

What was the last book you have read or movie you have seen?
- OMG. You do not want to know. I finished a book and a movie yesterday.

What is Pres. Arroyo's positive contribution to RP during her term?
- She showed people how dirty politics is.

Who do you admire the most (living or dead)?
- Myself. Super.

It's true. Come election time, everyone's equal. We only got one vote each.
I'm a registered voter and I promise I'll be voting on May 2010. How about you?

MORAL: Charisma. But I think we're smarter than that.

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