Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday, May 21, 2009, I went with Ma'am Oracion from ACED - Ateneo Center for Education Development - to Lubao, Pampanga for an ocular inspection in Lubao Central Elementary School. It's the largest elementary school in Lubao, 1,444 students. I'm not going to divulge on details about why I was there aside from the fact that I was invited to come along to see the place. I was thinking about the trip, like what am I going to say or do during the time we'll be 
making the carseat warm by sitting our arses for a couple of hours. I was thinking of preparing a list of topics of what we could probably talk about the entire trip. I was hoping there would be music but I think that's asking too much. Topics would be the weather and climate change, her life story, my life story, the leadership talk of Fr. Ben, projects of the organization, graduates, project management, setting goals, senior immersion trips, sociology and anthropolgy, frustrations, the medicine world, graduate school, sports, and the likes. Of course, my list never materialized and I settled with spontaneity. 

So the trip was okay, and it was fast. I think we were "strolling" at 120km/h in the highway. Conversations with Ma'am Oracion was fun, we talked about a lot of things, like how many holes does a Sky Flakes cracker has. Did you honestly believe that? Just to cut this short, we somewhat got lost because of the scantiness of street signs.

So the food. They gave us snacks. It's impolite not to eat anything, but the first thing I saw was a plate full of burgers. Noooooo!! I was thinking of making an excuse or pretend fainting in the middle of the room. Good heavens there was banana cue. Then on the way home, Ma'am Mel gave me buko pandan from Nathaniel's. Yay! My mom loved it. It's amazing. Anyway, the thing is that we stopped in KFC. I think she's going to treat us (me and her driver) again. So she asked me what I want to eat. Boom. KFC. My faaaaaaavorite. Hmm. So I said I just want fries. Then she kept on asking me why just fries. Then, yeah. I told her that I do not eat chicken and everything. We went to Subway. Subway = golden sandwiches. I can imagine her driver, "Kanin na naging tinapay pa. Nyemas."

And have I mentioned, that I AM HAPPY that Alona Bondarenko won her match in Warsaw? That's all I'm saying. Put on a smile. Hmm, check the picture below. I thought Gilles Simon was a vampire. Edward Cullen turned tennis star.

MORAL: Sylvanas are made from heaven. Sports is entertainment. There is tragedy (when Lakers and Daniela Hantuchova lost a while ago) and comedy (when Bondarenko won yesterday). Dang it.

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