Friday, May 08, 2009

I Eat Earphones for Breakfast

First time to ride the LRT-2 again. It's been a while. So, what happened? I became deaf. I mean, my earphones. I thought the same old songs I listen to suddenly transferred to one ear. I always listen to my iPod when I commute or go somewhere else as long as I'm alone. I think it's rude when you listen to an mp3 player when you're with someone else. Well, unless you don't want to talk to this person. Haha. I call it, the "Anti-Social Device" which just means mp3++ (mp3, mp4, mp5, mp6 billion) player.

So my earphones went bonkers... again. I have devoured a lot of Philips earphones. I've been using them since forever. Different models have passed my fingers and ears, and it's sucking my money. Wah. It has a splitter, or something that allows you to put another pair of earphones. It's not like I have 4 ears, but people just borrow my iPod. They don't bring their own earphones. Ok, I just read, it's called "sharing adapter" and it just looks nice but it's pricey for me.

Aanhin pa ang iPod kung sira naman ang earphones mo?

MORAL: 800++ pesos down the drain! The salesperson told me I made the right choice of buying the Philips Bubbles earphones. I answered, "we'll see if this will last." 

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