Monday, May 04, 2009

I Got KO'd Too, You Know

You know? Water is good, you know.

We just had our planning seminar for our organization over the weekend. Had it in Antipolo, and I was as sick as H1N1-infected people plus sore throat and hoarse voice (hoarse, not horse). Surprise! I wasn't able to touch my camera and snap digital pictures that never gets printed out for some reason.

Boxing was one of our agendas in our 2-day planning seminar. We even wrote it on our planning wall. Manila paper is good, you know. Manila paper plus a flat wall equals Ideas Wall! Yay. Told ya Manila paper is good, you know. Ricky Hatton wasn't the only one who got KO'd yesterday (Manila time, of course). After we left the venue, I got a fever and went down by 6:30 PM, woke up to get into the car, then the rest was May 3. I only get sick once a year because I get vaccinated annually (not anti-rabies) and the week I chose to get sick was the very crucial one. The week when we have to present our project to our boss and to his team, and the week of our plansem. Craaaaap.

So what did I miss? I wasn't able to swim, drink, talk really loud, and all the shebangs you opt not to do (because you can't) when you're sick.

First song to be played in my nameless laptop is Untouched by The Veronicas. Yeah I'm still playing it because I didn't have the chance to get tired of the song from all of the times we played it during our RFID development times, because my old laptop died on me. Yet, I still haven't trasnferred my music files from my hold hard drive. Boo. New laptop still doesn't have any music at all.

MORAL: As much as possible, get sick at the right time. First planning seminar, my laptop crashed two days before. Second planning seminar, my immune system and body crashed two days before. What does this mean? Nobody said it was easy. We have to learn how to deal with situations nobody wanted to happen (unless you have enemies or something). Plus, challenges are presented when God knows you can overcome it. Amen.

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Regine said...

Tsk tsk. Sayang di ka nakatikim ng Bar Gin. Dalawa pa naman sila. ;))