Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspired By Each Other, By Each Other

I thought about it because a friend sent me a link on Rome and Juliet and I blew out moviehouse money for Star Trek, A Haunting on Connecticut, and X-Men because of an emergency - earphones for iPod.

Now, I have read Annie On My Mind and Keeping You A Secret. I have watched Rome and Juliet, I Can't Think Straight, and Imagine Me and You.

They can make you cringe, drop your jaw at some point, turn your head away, make your grandmother's forehead look like corduroy when she sees it, make your househelp semi-shout "what... are you watching?", reminisce Theology classes about love, make you see the issues some people are facing, fastforward some scenes that do not need words, and think why Ellen is making a big fuss about it.

I'm not sure what's on your mind, but I'm not talking about horror movies or something. Just a few books and movies I have encountered over the week. Or was it last week?

Anyway, what is their common denominator? Homosexual theme, female love. Well, I am open-minded (until my brain falls off), I'm just not used to seeing (movies about it) and reading about it. I thought movies and books on this theme might offer a different view on things, a different approach or something that is striking? Just something, something different. (No, having your hair dyed green is not that different and striking enough.) However, I noticed they are really, really similar with each other. Don't get me wrong, of course they have a common genre BUT I am talking about the storyline! It's like deja vu all over again it's like deja vu all over again!

Just consider 2 things:

1.) The other woman is getting married and she meets the other one in her wedding (before or during or after). Then they get very much attracted to each other. Well, this is for the movies (yes, all 3 of them).

2.) In the 2 books I have read, both of them involve a Student Council president who can only see As in her report card. Then she meets someone and they get very much attracted to each other. I told you so.

Yeah, they all deal with the harsh view of people and society and that's an important thing. Sure, the movies had scenes that could make you shoot whatever you're drinking out of your nose, and the books had words that can clearly paint a scene - Leonardo da Vinci would be so proud. It's just that I am frustrated with the plots. No sad endings or tragedies (so far) from what I have watched or read (not that I like sad endings) but for me the similarity of the storylines and plots IS the tragedy. Are books or movies dealing with homosexual themes so rare they inspired each other? Or it just happen at these circumstances, showing that even those who are sure of themselves and those who are successful can all of a sudden experience a different feeling with one look? Yes, love at first sight.

Let's consider, Rome and Juliet (starring Mylene Dizon and Andrea del Rosario) and Imagine Me and You (Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly, and Lena Headey the queen of Sparta). One of them is getting married and the other woman did (or was tasked to do) the floral arrangement for her wedding. Okay. Why can't she just be the bridesmaid or the maid of honor or the bandmate or the officemate or the girl from the supermarket?! I Can't Think Straight deals more with culture and why am I not surprised - a wedding. I told you so.

From Imagine Me and You which is the last of the movies I have watched:

What happens when an unstoppable force meets (moves) an immovable object?
- It never happens. If there's anything that can't be stopped, it's not possible for that to be something else which can't be moved. And vice versa. They can't both exist.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Well, it saves time.

Actually, those are not the best lines from it. Those are the only ones I remember verbatim. What made me watch or read them? The same reason you read Harry Potter. Actually, no, not the same reason because I don't know why you read HP1-1,000. My reason is the same as why I read books and watch movies - Why not? If there's a book, I read it. If there's a movie, I watch it (until I can bear it, because there are movies like Steven Seagal's that could really test your limit and patience). 

And while typing this, my dad turned the radio on which is just behind me. I think he felt that I am bashing Steven Seagal and was referring to his DVDs. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and all of the Chinese, yes. Steven Seagal, no. I am using earphones and can still hear politics blaring behind me.

MORAL: Apple is right. Really, deus ex machina?

Let's see how the other movies and books (that I can come across with) will fare. Hope they're not too similar again or else it'll already be traumatizing for me, like seeing Heidi and Spencer on TV. I miss TV. Haven't watched in a long time.

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