Monday, May 04, 2009

No Poop No Sleep

Our dog is not a bitch. We have a white dog named Butchoi (my brother named him). Last night:

1. He barfed.
2. He cried and whined.

Why? All because of poop. Yeah. This Japanese Bitch Spitz is sooo maarte. Almost everyone (except me) heard our dog crying and whining his white fur out, that our extended family member went outside to check on him. It was because he could not sleep. There was poop on his rag. 

Usually, when there's excrement on the newspaper, he does his best not to touch any part of it, and he somehow manages to roll the excrement with the newspaper so that our extended family member would just get the soiled newspaper and give him a new one to clear his large intestines out.

The gag reflex action move. He pooped a somewhat diarrhea-like material and he can't clean it on his own. So what to do? Barf. He barfed on it, probably because it smelled like hell. What else? Cry. What else? Whine. 'Cause he can't sleep. He won't sleep with diarrhea on the floor.

MORAL: If you have a dog who's like our dog, I'll bet our dog is cuter. 

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