Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rome.. and Juliet: No, There's No O

I was able to watch only one movie because my freaking video card keeps on scaring me. I woke up late to find out I'm using standard display adapter. WTFreaking Video Card! I found the culprit after almost 2 1/2 hours of installing, updating, uninstalling, rechecking, rebooting, praying, and bickering. I can't blame the culprit because it's oh-so-dear to me. Only 1 movie watched and I haven't finished my report. Wah. I think I need to have a notebook (something that doesn't get screwed up and one that I can bring anywhere even underwater) and a new school bag. Okay. Not necessarily a school bag but just a bag I can put everything inside and carry around all day, doesn't necessarily have to carry stuff from school. 

I watched Rome & Juliet. Thank you, Apple, for the links! I downloaded them so I can share them with whoever wants to. (I want to write stuff about this movie. I know, Bride Wars is still pending. Fine, I'll write something incorporating both of the movies Bride Wars and Rome & Juliet.)

You know it's bound to happen. You know it's becoming nearer. You pray it won't push through.

Flowers. You know what they represent.
It's obvious tying her hair means he wants control over her life.
I wonder why her house is never locked from the inside.
Nice movie. Makes me cringe in some parts, but you'll get the meaning. Or the point.
It's all about the meaning. 
What does it mean to you?

Either objectively disordered, or unaccepted love.

"I cannot hold onto someone who's not meant for me."

MORAL: Love is so pretty. And aside from someone who's not meant for you, you cannot hold onto something that was never yours. Huh. Rafael Rossel and Tino = <3.

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