Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunshine Hands

Two films. A movie from Taipei and from Canada. No weddings, no Student Council president / A-grade student, and deus ex machina. Is this for real?! Oh my gosh, is it the end of the world?!

I can't really extract any memorable words from this Taipei movie Miao Miao because the characters speak either Japanese or... Chinese. What do you expect? It's a movie from Taipei! The subtitles are really nice because they are in perfect grammar. Not like those we find here in our pirated DVDs wherein the subtitles seemed to be typed by those high on crack.

I can mute the film, hear my blood slosh in my veins in peace, but can still understand the rest of the film. Yet I won't do that because even though you can't understand most of what they said in the movie, the audio is still important. It's more honest and it's a lighter movie than the next one I'll compliment below. Miao Miao tells a story of how a French-Chinese would look like, and how a Japanese-Chinese would look like. No, I just described two of the character/actors. It shows the beauty and pain of seeing someone come and go into your life, with nothing left but memories. Just when you are comfortable with each other, it might come all of a sudden or you just didn't want to accept the looming end. It's painful, yes, but you can find closure in some parts of your life. Those you left behind.

"Give me your sunshine hands. They feel so warm."

Goodness. I don't want to make a movie or book review of everything I get my hands on to! Hmmm, now there's another movie. Lost and Delirious starring Piper Perabo (remember the movie Imagine Me and You from the last entry or better yet Coyote Ugly if you really have anterograde amnesia), Mischa Barton (it's for real! Of course, this is pre-The O.C. age so she looks sooo... fetus-like. Yep, that young.), and Jessica Pare whom I really don't know. Do you know her? Were you friends before? Classmate? Neighbor? Have you seen her in your locality? She's a Canadian actress, she looks pretty, and that's all I really know. This movie is about love and friendship. Should be entitled Lost and Delirious and Damaged and Hazed and Troubled and Psycho Lovers. However, I don't think producers name movies like that, only the likes of Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy produce song titles longer than my seatmate's essay. Not that I look at my seatmate's paper. No way.

Psycho lovers are so cool. I laughed (ok, "got amused" is what I want to say) at how young Mischa Barton looked here, but the ending was fun. Don't watch it anymore, unless you ate too much, drank too much, or you just want to see Mischa Barton look like 4 years old. One sided love, is really a pain in the derriere but don't impose. Lead person gets blinded by love that everything else seemed to be so foul, so disgusting, like eating meat. Pushing oneself to the other, and didn't even ask what the other one really feels. Ok, the girl was so confusing. Whom does she really love? Mischa Barton still looked like a zygote. Funny. Then they kill her in The O.C.

Well, heard from the movie:
"Love is.
It is the highest point of why we live."

MORAL: Love is. Really is.

Don't write anything in 1:30am. I can't even understand what I just wrote/typed. Sometimes, masterpieces are done in the morning, A-papers are written in the morning, but blog entries like this, suck in the morning.

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