Friday, May 08, 2009

Takes Too Much

It's 2:30am, you still got the "swine flu", drowse-Decolgen doesn't work for you (after thinking it's the ultimate sleeping pill), and now you're motivated to fix things while eating donuts while your brother reads Cosmopolitan (which your sister bought) because he can't sleep until the sun shines we'll shine together and wants to watch a movie you have downloaded even from before but can't because you still have to finish what you are doing so he just sits there eats a banana and keeps on reading stuff because he doesn't want to eat anymore.

Takes too much space.
Takes too much time.
Takes too much energy.
Takes too much stress.
Takes too much resources.

Takes too much of me.

MORAL: Choice. XP or Vista. It was a difficult choice. Vista is so tempting. XP is trusted. Do you go with the old and trusted? Or with the new but still got a lot to prove? Kiss my derriere, Vista. I blog too much this month.

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