Monday, May 18, 2009

War Saw Open

We have Eurosport and saw a few days before that Warsaw Open will be aired daily for the entire tournament starting today, Monday. Yay! So round 1 actions can be viewed by tennis freaks! So I waited and saw. Great. I was waiting for the first day of tennis action and it's Maria Sharapova's comeback match. War. Saw.

Yeah yeah, I'm the best Maria Sharapova fan. And you know I've been to Antartica. (If you don't get what I mean, do I really have to explain?)

So, what now? She's still annoying. Still got the 200 decibel shriek, still wears the same pendant, but her swings are somewhat rusty. There's no more grace in the swings, though it's not like there used to be in the past. The forehand looks wild and her baseball swing-like backhand usually goes long. Still macho in terms of power hitting, though. Serena Williams and Andre Agassi would be so proud.

Her right shoulder is taped, not heavily though. Just a couple of thin layers, not the Kinesio-type. The major difference, or the one thing you could just talk about is her serve. Her swing got abbreviated, and she doesn't bend her knees low prior to the ball toss anymore. Her new serve gives less stress on the upper body but needs more from the legs (before and after hitting the ball). She propels herself higher and lands a few feet from the baseline. Well, if you haven't played competitively for 9 months after citing shoulder "injury", you probably focused on other parts of your body, right? I think her serve is now more like Nicole Vaidisova's, though I think Vaidisova's got a more abbreviated swing. Just like raising the racquet then hit. (Nicole got) Good wrist.

Shriekapova does more drop shots and s/he runs after balls now, more proof on the increased leg power. First victim of Tennis' Worst Noise Polluter: Tathiana Garbin. Shrieks just won the first set 6-1 as I'm typing this and it seems like Shriekapova will win this. Hey, she did her left hand return! It's her old trick. Just so, Shriekapova is a natural lefty but she plays with her right hand. Research has proven that it doesn't mean that your dominant hand is the stronger one, you just got well, more control on it. Rafael Nadal is a righty but he plays left-handedly. Manny Pacquiao is a lefty, but throws punches, well, in both hands. What do you expect?

The winner will face Caroline Wozniacki who just lost in the finals last week in Madrid to Dinara Safina, assuming she wins over a qualifier. Have I said that Daniela Hantuchova is on the other half of the draw?

After a brownout delay in our area, I cheered Tathiana Garbin on to win the second set, 7-6 (8-6) while I was eating breakfast cereal and potato chips (I missed dinner). Third set. Weee. You know what, I think this is a strain for Sharapova - being pushed into the third set on her first match. Though I think she wouldn't have asked for a wild card entry if she wasn't prepared at all. This is a good match for her. Where's Ana Ivanovic? If Maria is now alive, she must around the corner hitting killer forehands in time to defend her French title. I knew it, Shriekapova will win this 6-1 6-7 5-3. Noisy match. Nonetheless, nice dress, very simple. Looked like a school project. Sorry, Nike.

Warsaw Open. The people I want to see are: Caroline Wozniacki (win this!), Daniela Hantuchova (at least reach the finals, please), and Sara Errani. Yep. I hope by this time you get to sense my love for Maria. No Shrieks in Warsaw for me, though a Wozniacki-Sharapova would be a good 2nd round match.

MORAL: When there's really really loud noise, there's Maria Sharapova. Or there could be Victoria Azarenka. She sounds like Sharapova. And I like her (Azarenka's) shoes.

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