Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What A Real Player

I was never a fan of VLC player though I always install one. It can play almost anything (actually VLC is all you need), but I prefer the interface of Real Player. Before, (I think) I can also play in my Real Player almost anything I have downloaded. Now, there are videos that look for some other things when I try to play them in my Real Player. Waaah. (I have installed DivX already, okay.)

~After a few hours...~

Fine, after some time of tinkering, I've rested my case. My media player still can't play some of the movies I have downloaded. I'd be utilizing both VLC and Real Player. Aaaargh.

(But at the back of my head I won't be sleeping soundly until my Real Player can play everything.)

MORAL: When things change, no matter how hard you try, some things can never be the same again.


Mark Bautista said...

may pina-install sa akin si robee para sa media player mo na lang directly i-play. CCCP, search mo...

li said...

try mo yung cccp. best player. halos lahat pede mkv, avi, mpeg, etc. except real media files. haha simple lang din yung gui classic media player haha