Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brown Out Baby One More Time

June 4, 2009

Hindi Na Nagbabagang Balita!
So Yesterday!
Old School, Pare!
Neanderthal Ka?!

Well, it doesn't happen everyday or everytime you have online enlistment, but it has happened to me, twice already. It's one of those, "I thought it only happens in movies!" Similar to zombie attacks, the first bite was painful. Then, I evolved with the T-virus and is now a stronger person, or half-person (what about half-sister?). It first happened when I was enlisting for my first sem in my sophomore year, and just when I tried* to enlist for first sem in my senior year as well. Yeech.

*"tried" can be substituted into "almost tried", "planned", and "hoped"

Plan some more.
Chat with your blockmates.
Ask around about teachers.
Plan again.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Oh, but it won't happen again.
Formulate contingency plans.
We're ready.
Power's out.
What's new?

So what were those words all about? Let's see. Rewind a couple of years back.
*tralalala rewinding!*

As an incoming sophomore year, my first semester must be perfect. And since I have a good random number, I can enlist in the classes of my choice. So I made the super schedule, complete with awesome contingency planz with a Z. NSTP must be a good choice, it's a yearlong endeavor, and I must have blockmates and people I know (I cannot function alone. So sad, right?). So I chose the NSTP for most of my friends. I decided our fate. "Hey, which section are we taking? N, O, or P?" Then I said, "Of course we'll take section O." "Why?" "Because my surname starts with the letter O. Duh."

So everyone wants letter O and we are ready for the battle of the bandwidth as a lot of kids/people/adults-who-act-like-kids-no-offense-children are going to try to suck themselves through the online enlistment site. So, log-in to your Yahoo! Messenger and update your brood about the latest in your online enlistment journey. We're all in this together. Let's do wonderful. So there. Click the final step, Confirm Enlistment. Then what do they say in graphic novels (just the same as comics but "graphic novels" just sound better)? Oh yeah, Kapow!! Blag! The power just went haywire. The electricity was like a thief in the night, robbed me of my future. It went kaput just when I have to press the final important part of my life, CONFIRM EFFING ENLISTMENT. I don't remove the battery of my laptop even though I plug it, yeah, bad thing but I am not ready to lose all of what I am doing at the moment. So, no electricity means no Internet. No Internet means no enlistment. No enlistment means no classes. No classes means an annoying part of my life is going to occur. DANG!

So what would be the best thing to do? Of course, I was shocked complete with, "Whaaaaaat?!" Yep, no profanity. I'm so proud of myself. Then I stood up from being seated comfortably, slapped the couch with both hands (open palm style) while shouting "Craaaap!" for a really long time. My mom stood aghast when she saw me. Then the most comforting words flew out of her mouth, "Anak! Yung Sofa!! Ito unan. Diyan na lang!"

So I was getting teary-eyed. I can see my future fade in front of me. I was helpless, like being stuck at the bottom of an empty well, screaming your lungs out until it starts to rain really hard and the water is fast rising. Okay, that's too much of a tragedy. Same banana. So I was so pissed, until a friend asked for my landline. She offered to enlist for me. Since, well, I don't know what I'm going to do. Thanks, Kat.

So back to present world (not that we went to another world or something), I decided on a schedule which a few of my blockmates can copy, complete with contingency plans and "if I don't get this class, I will not study anymore." I asked one of my blockmates to stay online even after her enlistment schedule just to check on the remaining slots and for emergency purposes. It has been raining cats and dogs and iguanas for the whole week and enlistment day is not an exception. 9am looks like 4am. Wtheck. So I posted my planned schedule, as well as contingency plan, then my account ID, and was about to give my password to my friend, when BOOM BOOM POW! The Black Eyed Peas materialized in front of me! Brownout!!! Not again. Router down, Internet down, lights out, laptop's brightness not so bright anymore (which is good for my semi-photophobic eyes). It was just like sophomore year. This time, 15 minutes before the enlistment schedule, everything went kaput. So I just sent my password to my friend and told her about the brownout. She enlisted for me. Yay. Thanks, Jean.

Yet, there's a change. I learned from what happened before so there goes my temper, noise pollution, our couch, our stuff, they're all safe and untouched. I just flashed a fake smile, a really ridiculous fake smile and told myself (not vocally), "Why am I not surprised?"

MORAL: I know someone who claims to have cursed and cussed so much that she thinks she's going to hell already. Online enlistment. Brings out something from naturally tame/sane/behaved people.

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