Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last First Day for School

First day of classes! ZOMG.

Monday's class and Tuesday's class combined, because they are the first day of their kinds.

Such a killer. Monday, came to school early because I have to do something - sign some documents. So, rode the LRT -2 and saw Eljohn. Our classes start at 12:30pm, so we talked the whole walk and tricycle ride to school. I forgot where my class would be, so I sent an SMS to my blockmate, because all I can remember is that it's an MIS OR CS class, so it's going to be either in Faura or in CTC. I only know the time of my classes so it was a relief when my blockmate replied quickly. Oh yeah. So my 2-hour MWFs are held in CTC, and I just have to transfer to the next room. See how excited seniors are? Another one is an account of how excited Kat was for school. She was in Kostka already, and in the 3rd floor, when she sent a text message to her blockmate confirming their classroom. Kostka 302. WOW. She even made-up a class! I can't even remember the last time I had a class in the 3rd floor. So I volunteered to be the beadle for the first class because no one wanted to. It's okay. It's an MIS subject so being beadle is the same as being the Hydrogen and Oxygen in computer programming - it's not relevant.

Tuesday. Yoohoo, Tuesday. First 7:30am class in my life since my sophomore Sociology and Anthropology class. I can feel the pain. I can sense the suffering. I can foresee the punishment that comes with it. Why did I choose a 7:30am class? Some people thought it's the end of the world when I enlisted myself in the morning class. Yes, I even thought so. So, after Philosophy, I get to see my friend who became the computer lab personnel. Hahahaha. She stays in the 3rd floor computer lab which no one really visits. I can't help but laugh everytime I imagine her staring into nothingness. That computer lab must be advertised more, especially it's exclusive to MIS and CS students. I love my course. (Even though I paid for that laboratory.) After the computer laboratory visit, welcome to the first Project Management class, and I won't even share the details. Gaaaahh. After a break, then 2 more classes, my day is over. From 7:30am to 4:30pm, it's like high school again, but stress is nowhere near. Highschool stress and college stress are not in any way close. They are like 50 light years away. How far is that? Really far.

The bottomline of both my first days? I saw Eljohn, talked and walked with him in both days. We thought of each other as stalkers. Boo. The nerve! And after both days, I still don't have a notebook and still didn't have plans on buying one. Also, the moment my feet touched the floor of our house, I collapsed onto the couch and woke up a few hours later. Stress and fatigue are the new essentials in life.

MORAL: When you were in gradeschool, you wanted to be in highschool right away because of JS Prom and kick-ass school clubs. Then when you're in highschool, you start complaining of all the responsibilities of a student and you pray to God everynight that He'll fastforward your life into college, where the possibilities are endless. When you're in your first year of college, you want to work so you could get out and have that freedom you think you didn't have in the first place. No. I wasn't like that. When I was in my senior year in highschool, I wanted to go to college so it'll be a fresh start, just because it's a new adventure, but I will always hate the part where I'm not with my friends anymore. When I was in my first and second years of college, I just wanted to be in school forever because working is a lot more difficult than college. Also, I am happy with who and what I have - the friends and memories I have. Senior year? I don't want to grow up and leave just yet.

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