Thursday, June 11, 2009

Painted Windows

TicketNet. TicketWorld. Same banana. 

All I know is when there's a concert of people I want to hear/see perform live, I'm so there (recession devils go away!). There's the catch though. My dad is not a fan of all those "but you have to watch it in the moviehouse", "it's not the same as in MTV", "DVDs don't do them justice", "I'm paying for the experience, for the memory", etc. So whenever I vocally and publicly announce my intention to watch a concert, I never ask "Are there any comments or violent reactions?" Why? I don't have to! My dad is a sparkplug for that. He starts the argument right away with "it's just a waste of money" blah or "Francisco Colayco won't approve of that". [Franciso Colayco wrote "Pera Mo Palaguin Mo".] Of course I won't just sit and stare or just cry on the inside when something I like or love to do is being shot firing squad mode or being beaten down to dirt. Boo.

Just don't follow up a very nice video presentation with Takin' Over the World, because it doesn't have that hyped up rhythm.

So, how was the Pussycat Dolls concert? I made a vow not to take photos or videos of people performing or of concerts I am attending because well, I think focusing on having a nice shot or clip (which I tend to do so) will strip me of the experience. I don't need proof or anything that I have really watched the concert, drill my brain if you have to. Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycats were amazing, they're really performers. Nicole still needs to eat a sandwich (she's so thin) and yes, she can sing. So to all those haters, shut your trap. Anyway, the concert was really good for a third-world-recession-feeling country. People in front of us were annoying but it's okay. Someone became dizzy before the show started and her mom was hysterical. Ok. 

Yet, the highlights of the concert (for me) were the outliers. I mean, the before and afters. Before the concert, my cousin and I bought some food. She was clumsy and all so she dropped the fries and only 1 potato fry (how do you quantify this crap) was left. Tralalala. We ended up laughing our larynges out. She bought a new one and we swore that it won't happen again. So highlight 1, down the drain. Highlight 2 was after the concert. There were a lot of exit points in the venue, but they didn't say all exit points lead to the ocean. I mean, just one area - the huge road in MOA near the concert grounds. We even stopped! I thought it would be a perfect venue for spreading A(H1N1) virus if ever. Those who watched the concert wearing face masks (how were they able to shout with emotions? Ahhh, so all those muffled sounds were from them.) would be so paranoid I thought they would faint. So while waiting there, my cousin and I were talking about the girl in front of us because she looks like an alumna of our highschool, and not to be outdone by those around us, we saw the girl in our right, painting her nails. Whuut? Yep. She was painting them red. On the spot. Savor the moment. Post-concert would be the best time to paint your nails. And oh, she started from nothing. She was not redoing them, she just started doing it. The smell of nail polish in a crowd. That's amazing.

MORAL: Pussycat Dolls' song, Painted Windows, in their Doll Domination 2.0 album is amazing. Good as alarm or as a ring tone. Really, if you're watching someone just sing, it's okay to be seated not so near the stage, but if you're watching someone break into a sweat by dancing, I suggest you spend money to be near the stage. It pays to have good view.

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