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Paris, France: Roland Garros

You know there's something wrong when it's already June and I haven't posted anything about Roland Garros aka the French Open. My blog is already becoming a (biased) tennis update site but seriously, no one really reads my crap so it doesn't really matter. Anyway, to avoid multiple entries that state the same thing: WHYYYY?!, I decided to post them under one incredulous long entry. Of course, these were written on the day (and Manila timezone) it transpired, complete with the emotions/rantings/weirdness/animosity/prejudice/what-am-I-typing-here of the moment. Let's start the agony rolling and check how long you can sustain negative energy and the powers of the Mona Lisa smile.

One Bad Day in Paris:

You know how low I am feeling right now? I just removed Marat's name from the My Favorite Players box/widget from the tennis site of what's the name of that tournament? I removed the only MALE tennis player in my My Favorite Players widget. It's a pain even typing about it. I feel so sad and bad they even rhyme. So sad and bad I replaced Marat's picture/profile with Maria's picture/profile to complete the widget! My vision got blurred because of premature swelling of my lachrymal ducts. I can barely recognize the pictures. Please don't blame me that I did just that - swapping their pictures! (And no, you don't blame the a-a-a-alcohol, because I didn't drink.) I can't stand seeing a gray-scaled version of Marat's picture. Uh oh! My lachrymal ducts are beginning to swell up again! And again! And... wait for it... again! Their names are very similar! They both start with capital letter M, and they end in apostrophe letter S ('s). Sooo similar, I know!

The most degrading syllable in the world: No.

MORAL: I didn't really cry, but I felt so bad my innards are crying.

Some Other Tragic Day in Paris:

So after Marat Safin, Venus Williams, Elena Dementieva, Novak Djokovic, Yaroslava Shvedova, Caroline Wozniacki, Ana Ivanovic, and 
Rafael Nadal went out of life, who's left? Did you try reading the last sentence with a single breath? (I felt really bad the defending champions were poisoned with the losing potion.) Those who defeated them aren't that important, okay. It was a sad day for tennis. A lot of tennis fans mourned and maybe a lot of conspiracy theories were developed overnight.

Papa Tommy Robredo's still alive, so as Juan Martin del Potro, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, Dinara Safina, Serena Williams, and oh yeah Shuttapova.

After Sorana Cirstea beat the crap out of her friend (as she said) Caroline Wozniacki, Romania became more interesting than ever. I took a bath for a while and both Jelena Jankovic and Sorana Cirstea were battling out in the third set. So it took me 6 songs from Michelle Branch (I usually just take 3 and 1/3 songs in shuffle mode) before I emerged from the bathroom. Sorana won, 3-6 6-0 9-7. She gave Jelena Jankovic a run for her money, and straight hair.

Andy Roddick looks so funny (face-wise). Wait, he really does, when he hits the ball or serves. I like Roddick during changeovers and press interviews because he could say the most stupid things and the funniest things, either-or and maybe both. Oh, he just lost 6-4 6-2 6-3 to Gael Monfils of France. Monfils will face Federoar!

MORAL: Having a tournament with a knockout format is really a bad thing especially when the player you cheer on is somewhat losing or is in a bad mood. A best-of series is better, but it takes so much time and energy. Gaaah. Imagine how long(er) this entry would have been.

A Few Days Left in Paris:

Wow. I saw Dinara Safina being slaughtered by Victoria Azarenka in the first set, I checked the other match, wow. Slaughtered as well. Okay, Dinara overcame a 1-set deficit and silenced Azarenka's shrieking. Next women's match, it's a Dominika Cibulkova - Maria Sharapova David and Goliath match. Maria stands almost 6'2" while Dominika around 5'3". Wow. Keeps Asian hope of professional tennis alive! So, the beauty is that Dominika almost gave the giant a double bagel, with 6-0 5-0 serving for the match. Maybe Cibulkova has a generous heart so she gave away 2 games then closed it out at 6-0 6-2. Yay. Now she's facing Dinara for the semifinals! It's still a David and Goliath match because Dinara is ripping people apart. Nikolay Davydenko was catapulted by Robin "Suck-Face" Soderling 6-1 6-3 6-1 while Andy Murray (gasp!) was defeated by Fernando Gonzalez 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-4. 

Tomorrow, I hope Roger wins, though I am a little tied with Potpot and Papa Tommy. And I'm gunning for Serena and Sorana Cirstea. I like Sorana Cirstea. Reminds me of Stephanie Rice. Who reminds me how fun it is to swim. Which reminds me I'm not doing much physical activities anymore, not that I used to somehow.

You're probably thinking, "You're going to post that picture of Cirstea?!" Yeah I just did, because I don't want to look for a picture of her in the Internet just so you could see her more clearly.

MORAL: Tennis. Is. Great.

Just A Little More Push in Paris:

Semifinals. I just said in my previous entry that I was gunning for Serena and Sorana. Now, they're really gun. As in "gone." Do I really have to explain? Well, I don't think my wit (if there's any) will be non-existent when I try to read my entries again. Back to the Future. So Sweatlana (it's really Svetlana Kuznetsova), both in 3 sweaty sets, beat Serena Williams in the Quaters, and Samantha Stosur in the Semis. She'll face Dinara Safina who crushed Dominika Cibulkova in straight sets. Tennis. Amazing. So it's going to be an all-Russian finals, in France. Amazing times two. Tomorrow, Roger will try to catapult Potpot (Juan Martin del Potro) into outer space while Suck Face (name not found) will try Gonzo (Fernando Gonzalez, but we're close like that and we call each other by our nicknames). Suck Face. Sheesh. Look at how cute del Potro was when he was younger. Just let Fed win tomorrow and I'll preserve my image of Potpot like that, before I try to Photoshop any part of it.

MORAL: Some slams can produce a one-slam wonder. Anyway, it's just 2 matches from immortality for Roger Federer. Gogogogo!

No More Days in Paris:

Svetlana Kuznetsova and Roger Federer won. Congratulations.

MORAL: That's life.

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