Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post San Juan Fiesta

June 24 is the Feast of St. John the Baptist. Living in San Juan, St. John is more like our patron saint here. Hello?! Saint John ~ San Juan? Gets? Of course you do! So, how was the feeeyestah (it's fiesta in case you can't read/understand Russian) here? Errmmm. I haven't participated in the fiesta for sometime because well, I'm currently not studying in San Juan or Manila (June 24 is Manila Day or something like that), so I have class on the day itself. It has been raining pretty much in the past few days. Morning comes and the heavens decided to cry and San Juan is having free water for the wet celebration. Our kid neighbor was still having fun splashing everyone around even though he's appearing to have some kind of hypothermia already.

Good thing my class starts at 12:30pm, because if it's before noon, I'll be in big, wet trouble. Hailing a cab would be so difficult, unless I wear a rain coat, and usually San Juan fiesta is one of those days that are really good for business so my dad just can't drop me to school. Last year, I have to go to school around 10am, so I was to be dropped off at the LRT station. It wasn't an easy-breezy thing to do because others were waiting at the sides for those who would go inside the LRT station! I can see other passengers "stranded" in the second floor, eyeing those water-bearing people painfully almost sending them the negative vibes. We waited for some time, parked in front of the station (no, it's not allowed) and I made a run for it when I noticed them refilling their carriers. Me, 2 points, Water People, 0.

San Juan during it's fiesta mode is not the place to be when you're in a hurry, you easily get pissed off, or when you dislike getting wet. Even if you're just going to pass through, the citizens of San Juan will surely baptize you, without the prayers, but you'll be mentioning God a lot when you get "baptized". "Oh my God!" Yeah, that's life. It's just once a year, too bad if that once a year is an important meeting that will decide if you're getting that promotion or not.


MORAL: San Juan Fiesta is that day when you suddenly have a lot of old friends visiting your house because they know you'll be preparing a lot of food. Also, it's the day when excess is normal. A lot of wasted fresh water, a lot of money spent for the food and drinks, and a lot of patience down the drain.

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