Monday, June 22, 2009

Telecommunication Nightmare

When naturally, inspiration (which you need to accomplish your task) strikes you in the middle of the night, and you have to submit that requirement early in the morning, you're in BIG trouble. How do I know? I am ALWAYS in that situation.

So I slept late and attended JumpStart, a morning event for our MIS freshmen. It's going to be a mini orientation seminar for them, as their orientation seminar or OrSem has been postponed to next month. The event ended lunch time, and I had nothing to eat, except the usual side dish of carrots and corn. I didn't want to be a repository of vegetables and I was going to attend a Father's Day celebration/reunion in Marikina later in the day so it was nothing if I skipped lunch. So what am I going to do for a few hours? I attended the Externals Officers GA and First Skills
Training, while watching how EServices is going to film their video presentation. So a few hours saved, but I was dead tired and sleepy. I had trouble sending messages and calling people. One said the problem is my phone. Whut?! I borrowed a friend's phone and had difficulty sending messages as well. She told me maybe my mom's number is broken. Boo. Impossible. Externals pizza came, I welcomed the delivery dude who brought lollipop with him - he said 2 lollipops come with the package. Hello Hawaiian Pizza and Bacon Supreme! I had nothing to eat again! I can hear my stomach being grumpy and my gastric juices slushing inside, burning the walls of my intestines like a fire in the midst of hay. So that was it, a lot of people complained about our network provider. And all the while I thought my phone went kaput, it was the cellular network after all. Sheesh. My parents finally picked me up. I ate some bread and pastries they brought and I fell asleep on the way there.

A lizard who in death was peaceful on a step towards Faura AVR. :(

So we were supposed to have a YM Conference about our homework later in the day. I had trouble logging-in in my YM. It kept on saying that my password is incorrect while right there, in the browser, I am logged in my email account. Hello. I know my password by heart. I have tried different IM clients and that didn't help. I hated it. I can't access my messenger from my phone and any computer available. It was like punishment, wherein you get tortured again and again and again and - yes - again.

EDIT: I finally got my Yahoo! Messenger to work during Father's Day. Amen! (Well that was after being so stressed and annoyed during the time it wasn't working.)

MORAL: If it doesn't work, stay calm and look for alternatives. There's always a way, and that can be seen with a peaceful mind and a hopeful heart. Telecom glitches can make you crazy.

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