Monday, July 27, 2009

Mouse Trap

My sister wants to use the laptop and I told her to just use the mouse instead of her sweating over the use of the touchpad. She looked underneath the table and attempted to joke, "Ehh," obviously pertaining to a real mouse. I said, "Nandun sa right side yung mouse," and she saw the dead mouse trapped in the ugh, mouse trap? All of a sudden, she looked at it, "Ha! Yesterday you were so happy, and now you're dead. Life's like that. So unfair!" She didn't waste time and looked at me afterwards, "May ganon?!"

She did the Filipino version, "Kahapon masaya ka..... Ngayon? Patay ka na."


MORAL: If your sibling remembers the show times of all the shows in the tv (and is updated with what happened in the shows), and she's always there when you're awake, sane, or the likes, maybe your sibling is unemployed. Unemployment can drive one nuts.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ass I See It

Ordinary. Why do we take it negatively (whether we admit it or not)? Like, "Oh, s/he's just ordinary." So is it common? If by ordinary we mean common, and common is being part of let's say 50% of a population, then I'm not living an ordinary life.

This will include tips and the sorts (lucky you!) because as I have said before, I am a regular partaker of wisdom. If you read some most all of what I have posted, I'm sure you'll be a better person in no time.

I'm currently living in an ass world, include all the affixes you can think of. Let's change I to You. Why? Just because I feel like doing it. Okay?

On a regular basis, you start with just ass. You have to be assertive, because that's what they said and that's what is well, expected from you. If you can't be one after all of your efforts, try to work your way around it. Eventually you'll be able to find something other than being assertive that can address issues as well. One thing you should remember is never assume. Why? If you assume oftentimes, you'll just get disappointed and frustrated. Then you'll be a real ass and try to control yourself from reprimanding someone else when it's also partly your fault. What do you do next? Since something unexpected already happened, you have to do some ass-kissing to save your own ass. If all goes well, hoorah! Celebrate! Remind those who had a lapse to double check stuff. Ok, where were we? Ah. Now you're on your way to attending a kick-ass event and what do you get? They associate you with "<", with mediocrity - with ordinariness. Wow. That is not true! You're just getting emo about it. So back to the kick-ass (I just have to underline this again as this mean that the former kick-ass is considered null and void) event, you're really impressed. And then someone kicks you in the ass for no apparent reason. Maybe it's accidental. So what do you do? Assess and do something! You (as well as everyone else) have to perform in that level because let's face it, whoever acts like an assh**e will be associated with you and your group. At the end of the day, you begin with the current reality - your ass is on the line and hey, even your head.

What do you do? What do you do? In times like this or that, dude, you're not alone. That's why you have associates (whom you do not consider as asses). Helping each other help each other to help the others help one another because we are men and women for and with others. AMAZING. I just typed that as they flow through my fingers.

Sidenote that is totally unrelated to this post: If you know you have a goldmine in your hand, then you saw a bigger goldmine far away, take it from me, check your goldmine first. Huh? I searched far away, I thought I saw Candy Mountain; however, it's bogus. Then from frustration, I checked the goldmine I had all along, and it got everything I need. At least for now.

MORAL: Some things are just as shiznitty as they seem. There are different approaches to a problem. See these problems as opportunities for you to grow, to be more than who you are today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Huwag Kang Aayaw, Think Positive!

Huwag kang aayaw, think positive!
Pag break mo, kagatin mo!
Drink your Magnolia milk first... yes, ma'am!

When everything seems to be going so well, something crappy will eventually catch up with you and throw you a buzzing chainsaw and you're so surprised you caught it. Make that a buzzing chainsaw and a growing anaconda with a really annoying face. The anaconda bit you in the ear while you missed catching the buzzing chainsaw which you accidentally hugged instead. Cool, eh?

So what now? It's a bummer, yes, but if you whine about it all day, at some point you'll end up whining about why you just whined about it before and didn't do anything.

Well, you could whine while doing something about it. At least you did do something. It's just so funny why things are like that. Slice and dice, baby, slice and dice.

Quoting the great Robin Padilla in his another funny commercial, "Huwag kang aayaw, think positive!" which he repeats infinitely.

MORAL: It super duper (ultra mega) pays to have a famazing party. And if you don't have anything good to say (or type), just shut your trap or cut your fingers. Seriously.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Their Way Or The Highway

Kobe's here in the Philippines... again!! I really like Kobe Bryant, woohoo! However, this entry is not about him. It's about my favorite brand of all time, APPLE.

I'm not a fan of Steve Jobs, Apple, the Mac, and now even the iPods (when they started dishing out generations upon generations of new models, what-the-heck maybe they're going on until 15th Generation iPod Invisible gets into the market, I got turned-off more with Apple). The first time I bought a laptop, my godmother suggested I get a Mac. I almost gave her a WTF look. Mac? No. Then when I'm getting a new laptop, someone suggested I try a Mac. Oh really now.
Ever since my previous laptop died on me, I didn't install iTunes in the new slave computer. I have an iPod, yes, but I'm using a different application to put new music in my nano (I still own the same iPod Nano I bought in my freshie year as I do not sense the need for a new one). So okay, this is an Apple-Go-Kiss-My-iPod entry. However, since I have posted before that I cannot say no to my siblings, I was somehow pushed into the corner and decided to install iTunes in the new comfoooter. Why?

My brother has been yelping on for so long on how he wants to have an iTouch. Yes. I told him if it were me, I'd go for the iPod Video that has around 120 or is it 160 GB of storage, all for the price of less than the cheapest iPod Touch out there. However, I was not the one buying an iPod. So finally, we went to Digital Hub yesterday to buy his iTouch. I can sense his excitement and all that he paid for our food. Then, my horror began when we got home. I tried operating it but read that it must be plugged into the computer first with the LATEST ITUNES available. DANG!! Our PC can't handle that, I guessed, so there was nothing else to do but sacrifice my laptop to Steve Jobs! If I don't install any iTunes in this hardware, my brother's iTouch is as good as a bar of soap. No, actually a bar of soap is more useful than it.

iTunes and QuickTime are packaged so here they are in my system. However, I uninstalled QuickTime because it's useless for me. Then when I tried to launch the iTunes application, POOF QWERTY #$^&#@$#@?! ITUNES AIN'T WORKING!!! It said that it needs QuickTime for it to work. So now I have to fix this thing so that I won't piss myself off.

MORAL: Apple, is like George Bush. It's their way or the highway. Go fudge your highway. That's why I prefer Bill Gates over Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the marketing person's idol, while Bill Gates is the programmer's idol. Me? I am myself's idol. Oh yeah, even you, too. Bitter, much? Yes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Give The Dog A Break

My sister has been telling me stories of how they want to have Santino's, the teacup mini-pinscher, ears cut. They already had the tail shortened. Ouch. Then after some time, she tells me their concern again. She tells me the dog really looked creepy with his eyes and big ears and is beginning to look like a rat, though it's like torturing the dog because well, he already experienced having his tail cut shorter. Actually the Filipino word daga gives a better impact.

Then I asked her why do they want to have the ears cut shorter?
For aesthetics? "Yes."
Personal preference? "Yes."

Then I told her the slogan of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment."

Her reply? "Ewan ko sa 'yo."

MORAL: Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boredom is A Gift

I have never claimed that I have been bored. I think that there are too many things I can do to be... bored. Others say, "I envy you because you have something else to do." Then when I ask him/her, "Why don't your try either reading (a book/magazine), jog around your neighborhood, watch tv or a movie, paint, draw, play a musical instrument, help your parents with the family business, rearrange your clothes, redecorate your room, do a system for your organization, write letters or emails to your friends, slit your wrists, take a bath, brush your teeth, bake a cake, give your dog a bath, try operating the washing machine, wash the dishes, water the plants, feed the fish, sweep the floor, moisturize your face, make your bed, eat something, or pray?" There are truckloads of things we can do. Some for a fee, some for free. But sometimes, I'd rather be bored than type school papers which are (let's admit it) sometimes pointless. Total crap. They're teaching us that there's a template, there's a standard for everything.

So actually doing nothing is a choice.

And it's not something you should be ashamed of. Doing nothing else is a tough thing. I don't get it why people are so shy to say "I'm not doing anything" because doing nothing in particular prompts you to think about life, to philosophize, and eventually do some deep contemplation about you and the things around you. There's an article in Reader's Digest that I read about this. I'll look for it and post about it soon.

MORAL: If the weather's really gloomy and you don't want to move around, feel the cool air, it's best to just sit back and observe. You could reflect on your life as well. It is actually healthy reflecting on your life. You could do an AAR or after action review in your life. What was planned? What actually happened? Why was there a difference? What would you suggest for future endeavors?

Friday, July 17, 2009

No More Italicized World!!!

I'm just so happy my fonts are back to normal. Ok, let's do a "system restore" on the events. Nerdy!

Immil told us randomly while we were eating lunch that when he uninstalled his Left 4 Dead, his fonts went kaput. I almost screamed with the analogy of the events. Bold and italics. Wow, I thought I was just imagining things but they're actually factual! When I told some friends about it one replied, "but why would you uninstall L4D?!" I thought maybe it is considered taboo to actually uninstall Left 4 Dead because it's so haaawt right now. (Hello! If I can't be the zombie, what fun is there? I just don't want to be a human survivor, I want to be the predator as well. I don't want to tote guns and ammos around, I want to hunt humans, and rip them apart... if I'm a zombie in L4D.)

So I asked him what he did. He told me that he just let it go at first, then he did a system restore after being some kind of annoyed with the fonts. Then, after a few days his sound card went MIA. Maybe Immil thought he was going deaf but he wasn't. So he did the one thing I fear the most in the computer verbs world: reformat. I was really in deep contemplation about it, because he's already advising me (repeatedly) to back my files up. He was hinting that it's the only thing left for me to do. NOOO WAY, JOSEEE! I have to look for other ways to undo this mess I made. I HAVE to! Keep the faith!

So after paying tribute to the crazy magic people from Swogharts, "AHAHAHAHAHA" is all I can say. Eat my shorts, zombies!!! I can type with my fonts, I can read stuff from my browser with the usual settings, and my neck won't hurt because of trying to adjust to the italics (this is not true, I don't tilt my head to make the italics seem normal).

MORAL: If there's a will, there's a way. This one's kinda sucky and cliche, but it definitely worked for me. Happiness for two hours! Of course, after that I'm back to the normal "busy, much?" self. Working without italicized and bold fonts makes it easier, though. Smile. :)

(So what has Marat's picture got to do with the entry? Seriously, do you really want to know? I can give you a five-paged essay single spaced, font size 9, Times New Roman, 1" all sides about it in around 30 minutes MAX. I have even proofread it by then, which is something I don't do with my entries. Smile. :D )

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is like one of the most amazing pictures I have seen the entire week. Seeing arms and biceps and star athletes and so cool people. Venus Williams and Dwight Howard = <3.

So okay. My sister looked like a facelift victim (not patient) a while ago. She had a really bad case of allergies. She's not allergic to any food variant but she does so well in the medicine department. She can take paracetamol then go into having her face look like it was beaten up by Manny Pacquiao and friends. Breakfast time and we had waffles! Yay! I really love our waffle maker I even sing lullabies to it at night and watch it sleep. Anyway, she finished one and felt discomfort in her throat. She thought she was going to be sick so she took vitamins. Then her hands felt itchy she thought she's going to have a lot of money. A few minutes later she went haywire and she looked like a boxing victim (Ricky Hatton!!). It seemed like she underwent facial surgery and her body was all reddish. Boo. Dad and Belly took her to the doctor because she's having difficulty breathing properly. She's fine now and back to her giddy self, even though her eyes looked like she cried all night. And oh, while there was commotion here about her allergy attack, I ate the "waffle" thought to be the culprit. I ate two of them. They're blaming the change of brand of the waffle mix. I blame the maple syrup for being so tasty. I really like waffles and maple syrups. Waaah.

I can't say NO to my siblings. Whenever my brother asks permission to borrow my stuff, even though I don't want to, I say something first then give-in anyway. A while ago, he asked me if I could burn the movie he really wants to see, even if it's the only movie in the entire DVD. I said NO. He said he'll buy DVDs. I said, "You haven't given me any money to buy all those DVDs I have burned already." But what the heck, here I am burning movies to accompany that sole movie he wants to watch. Com-pro-mise.

Last night, we watched a documentary on cosmetic surgery. It was amazing! They showed how to do a noselift procedure. It was really cool, but my brother thought otherwise. I thought he was having an epileptic seizure when he tried to watch the procedure. Then there was a part wherein they asked a girl who had a noselift quite some time before,
"Bakit ka inoperahan ulit?"
"Siguro kasi katatawa ko bumuka yung hiwa ko."

@__________@ Oh no.

MORAL: Oh NO. Allergies, sports stuff, and side notes. I have so much in one entry that's why it's so difficult to put labels in this blog. Whenever I think of including labels for all these entries I have posted, I keep on thinking that there would be around 3-5 labels PER ENTRY. It isn't nice at all. I'm pro-holistic development, that's why I'm in Ateneo, but my entries are also holistic. There's a bit of everything in it. Crappolla.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bold Zombies Italicized

I'm not your anchor, so don't hold on.
I'm not the answer, you got me wrong.
I'm not a savior, save your energy,
To find out who you are,
Who you are without me.

No, I just didn't make that one up. It's the main chorus from Kate Voegele's song Who You Are Without Me. Her album, "A Fine Mess" is pretty good, I'm still doing the selective listening wherein I listen to a few songs first then the time will come I will listen to everything the album offers because life goes on like that. Manhattan From The Sky is kick-ass! Wait, so is Angel. I could post lyrics here all day, but that's just random. Okay I'll post something..... or not.

Ok, that's not the point of this entry. Most of the times it seems like there's no point in everything I post, but actually there is. You might not get it, but there is. Really. I can promise that. My entries are like love, genuine love. Sometimes you don't get it, you ignore it, but it's there, waiting for you to accept it, waiting for you to reciprocate it and share it.

Yet this entry is not about love, or anything like it. I'm just pissed off. My world is in italics. My communication portal is in bold. I blame it to the zombies. Is this your way of punishing me for uninstalling you in my computer? Gaah.

What the eff happened? I installed Adobe CS4 and uninstalled Left 4 Dead because I can't bear playing it when my bot teammates make me the sacrificial lamb. Heck, I can't even play to be the zombie! There's no fun in that! What have all the Resident Evil series taught me? Zombies are cool! There was an error in the uninstallation process particularly in the fonts department so I did my way around it and got to uninstall it properly. So what the heck happened next? My Yahoo! Messenger got bold (no, it's not the bold you're hoping, I'm sorry for us) and my browser and the Notepad application got italicized. Italics get really annoying after a long time. As of press time, I haven't found the cure yet.

I'm still waiting for my freedom from this slanting dark world. And I'm going to get it soon. Mark my words, zombie freaks!

MORAL: Zombies are really very powerful. They're currently leaving me to die in this bold italicized world!! When I get to the bottom of this I would treat my friends. I promise that. I desire for that Eureka! moment and I'll do a clean sweep on the things around me. (Clean sweep is like I use my arms to wipe-out everything within reach. Yeps, it's a destructive move.)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wimbledon 09: The Grass Would Always Be Greener

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Champions.
Always A Venus, Not A Serena

So it was almost a repeat of last year, a Williams won the Venus Rosewater dish while the Williamses won the doubles title. This time, there was an exchange of first names for the singles trophy. This is Serena's year for Wimbledon, while last year's was Venus'. I'm a genuine Williams fan, but when they face each other, I'm Venus all the way. Personality-wise and in all other things, I'm still Venus all the way. Too bad those I root for always tend to not win. Sorry, Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova, it's my fault sometimes though it's mostly your fault as well that's why you don't win as much. Always a Venus, never a Serena. Okay, it could also be always a Venus, sometimes a Serena. In Gossip Girl, I'm still never a Serena (hello, Blair for the win!). But yeah, when it was a Serena Williams - Elena Dementieva match, I was for the Williams. So how do I handle losses? (Prepare for narrow-mindedness in the next 2 lines!) Never a graceful loser, wait, that's so pathetic - graceful in defeat. Perhaps it's applicable to those who are not competitive enough. (End of narrow-mindedness.) Last time, when Dinara Safina lost to Svetlana Kuznetsova in the French Open, I was in the Tagaytay while my friends were drinking, and now, it was my friends' combined birthday party. Since, the party place was just walking distance from us, I left with too much excitement to watch the Finals and then returned with a broken spirit. I was so dang frustrated. So how do I handle losses, defeats? Violence? Exercise? Alcohol? Gluttony? Depression? Revitalized ambitions? I won't answer.

Venus, why? My hopes and dreams, why?

My title could go in two ways, because Venus Williams is the underachieving sister. Yeah, she may have 7 singles titles and an Olympic gold medal under her belt but compared to her younger sister, hrmmm. I'd still be a Venus. She's pro-equality hello, she answers with a lot of humility hello, and she loves her sister hello.

No Tears But Smiles

It was an epic final, but there were not much of rallies, just serving lessons. One could serve with blinding speed while the other proves that shot placement dictates play. Roddick was the better player as he gave fantabulous shots both from the forehand and backhand sides. Roger had more errors, well, except that Andy can do a lot more on his slices. His slices were fugly compared to the other parts of his game today. Andy Roddick thinks Federer's in cahoots with the HawkEye challenge system. Roger may not be the best in challenging, certainly the only faulty part in him. Roddick could be nominated as the sweatiest player (while Roger doesn't seem to perspire at all) or could even be the man with the most unnecessary gestures. He lifts his arm, adjusts his cap, keeps on pulling his shirt, adjusts his uhh err scratches his "inner thigh" and all that. So I got bored with the first set, it's a serving contest. I have seen so much of Brooklyn Decker to appreciate her that much, because the more you see someone the more you'll appreciate him/her (although this is not applicable to everyone). They have shown Gavin Rossdale so many times as well. I think I have a crush on Brooklyn and Gavin already. Mirka may have the biggest bump around, I'm just waiting for the moment she'll pop out her baby, 8 months baby, 8 months. Maybe her tummy doesn't have any child in it, just lots and lots and lots of tennis balls.

The Greatest Player in Grand Slam Record. Back to World Number 1. Such a pity for everyone else. (Else may include but not limited to: Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Andy Roddick.)

OUCH PETE SAMPRAS. Talk about rubbing salt into the wait, not just wound, to an open surgery. Without the anaesthesia. You get invited (and everyone expects you to attend) to see the history you built with your greatness crumble in front of you. And people still expect you to be happy about it. The sad thing in sports? No one cares about the runner-up, the number 2, the "person who used to hold the record for [insert something here]." That's life, that's sports, that's entertainment, and that's just plain sad.

MORAL: If you're good at it, be the best you can be at it. After all, if something's worth your time, make the most of it. I'm not just coining phrases or something, but hey it is true! When you get something from the investment you have poured for anything you truly believe in, it is always, always, the greatest thing you could ever have.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Wimbledon Semifinals

July 2, 2009

Dear Ladies' Semifinal,

So, Serena and Elena Dementieva made a fantabulous match, making people stand on their toes and give spectators high-blood
pressure. Meanwhile, Venus Williams made Dinara Safina forget that they're having a semifinal match, not a serving practice. She whipped Dinara with everything she got, 6-1 6-0, beating the world number 1 like crazy. So the semifinals featured the top 4 seeds, same with the women's doubles, the top 4 seeds as well. Here's the thing, Venus and Serena also won their semifinal match against the top seeds Liezel Huber and Cara Black with a 6-1 6-2 beating while Samantha Stosur and Rennae Stubs had to go through 3 sets. Don't hate the Williamses, if no one's up to the challenge to challenge them (thank you, Elena Dementieva), then let them reap the Grand Slams. I'm in for Venus Williams. Grass is her weed. And yeah, after 132 years of tradition, Wimbledon dropped the Miss/Mrs in the scoreboard. Strange.

MORAL: It's going to be a nice Independence Day celebration in the United States. Well, the lesson here is that, no matter how hard you try, Venus Williams was born on grass. She gets superhuman abilities when playing on grass. Hmmm...

July 3, 2009

Dear Gentlemen's Semifinal,

Roger Federer defeated Tommy Haas. Tadah. He does this suspended action of play. He sets up, then he waits for a little until Tommy Haas makes a guess of where would Roger hit the ball. So when he starts moving to a direction (it's just either left or right), Federer hits a clean winner. It was a battle of the one-hand backhands and amazing slices. There were a lot of aces involved as well, though Roddick can serve like a speeding truck (hello Venus Williams' male counterpart).

If there's one thing Roger is not good at, it's at making challenges. His challenges were waaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay far. It's like he only does those challenges to somehow break the momentum of his opponent. Well, whatever. Battle of the Andy's. Andy Murray and Andy Roddick. Roddick fires aces like it's the only thing he's good at. He just threw dirt at the hope of the British fans. He defeated Andy Murray in 4 sets, and he can't even cry a big "YEEEEES" or something. He just cried, I bet he's afraid of the British fans. Well, of course, you aren't pretty sure what could happen to you, after all, they're still waiting for a British hero after 73 years and now they'll have to wait for next year again. It's not a Nike match/finals, thank God!

MORAL: It's really going to be an amazing Independence Day for the Americans. Never make the wife of another player sit behind the wife of another player. Just imagine how awkward it was for Mrs. Haas and Mrs. Federer. Sorry, Tommy, that's life. You still look good, though.