Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ass I See It

Ordinary. Why do we take it negatively (whether we admit it or not)? Like, "Oh, s/he's just ordinary." So is it common? If by ordinary we mean common, and common is being part of let's say 50% of a population, then I'm not living an ordinary life.

This will include tips and the sorts (lucky you!) because as I have said before, I am a regular partaker of wisdom. If you read some most all of what I have posted, I'm sure you'll be a better person in no time.

I'm currently living in an ass world, include all the affixes you can think of. Let's change I to You. Why? Just because I feel like doing it. Okay?

On a regular basis, you start with just ass. You have to be assertive, because that's what they said and that's what is well, expected from you. If you can't be one after all of your efforts, try to work your way around it. Eventually you'll be able to find something other than being assertive that can address issues as well. One thing you should remember is never assume. Why? If you assume oftentimes, you'll just get disappointed and frustrated. Then you'll be a real ass and try to control yourself from reprimanding someone else when it's also partly your fault. What do you do next? Since something unexpected already happened, you have to do some ass-kissing to save your own ass. If all goes well, hoorah! Celebrate! Remind those who had a lapse to double check stuff. Ok, where were we? Ah. Now you're on your way to attending a kick-ass event and what do you get? They associate you with "<", with mediocrity - with ordinariness. Wow. That is not true! You're just getting emo about it. So back to the kick-ass (I just have to underline this again as this mean that the former kick-ass is considered null and void) event, you're really impressed. And then someone kicks you in the ass for no apparent reason. Maybe it's accidental. So what do you do? Assess and do something! You (as well as everyone else) have to perform in that level because let's face it, whoever acts like an assh**e will be associated with you and your group. At the end of the day, you begin with the current reality - your ass is on the line and hey, even your head.

What do you do? What do you do? In times like this or that, dude, you're not alone. That's why you have associates (whom you do not consider as asses). Helping each other help each other to help the others help one another because we are men and women for and with others. AMAZING. I just typed that as they flow through my fingers.

Sidenote that is totally unrelated to this post: If you know you have a goldmine in your hand, then you saw a bigger goldmine far away, take it from me, check your goldmine first. Huh? I searched far away, I thought I saw Candy Mountain; however, it's bogus. Then from frustration, I checked the goldmine I had all along, and it got everything I need. At least for now.

MORAL: Some things are just as shiznitty as they seem. There are different approaches to a problem. See these problems as opportunities for you to grow, to be more than who you are today.

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