Monday, July 13, 2009

Bold Zombies Italicized

I'm not your anchor, so don't hold on.
I'm not the answer, you got me wrong.
I'm not a savior, save your energy,
To find out who you are,
Who you are without me.

No, I just didn't make that one up. It's the main chorus from Kate Voegele's song Who You Are Without Me. Her album, "A Fine Mess" is pretty good, I'm still doing the selective listening wherein I listen to a few songs first then the time will come I will listen to everything the album offers because life goes on like that. Manhattan From The Sky is kick-ass! Wait, so is Angel. I could post lyrics here all day, but that's just random. Okay I'll post something..... or not.

Ok, that's not the point of this entry. Most of the times it seems like there's no point in everything I post, but actually there is. You might not get it, but there is. Really. I can promise that. My entries are like love, genuine love. Sometimes you don't get it, you ignore it, but it's there, waiting for you to accept it, waiting for you to reciprocate it and share it.

Yet this entry is not about love, or anything like it. I'm just pissed off. My world is in italics. My communication portal is in bold. I blame it to the zombies. Is this your way of punishing me for uninstalling you in my computer? Gaah.

What the eff happened? I installed Adobe CS4 and uninstalled Left 4 Dead because I can't bear playing it when my bot teammates make me the sacrificial lamb. Heck, I can't even play to be the zombie! There's no fun in that! What have all the Resident Evil series taught me? Zombies are cool! There was an error in the uninstallation process particularly in the fonts department so I did my way around it and got to uninstall it properly. So what the heck happened next? My Yahoo! Messenger got bold (no, it's not the bold you're hoping, I'm sorry for us) and my browser and the Notepad application got italicized. Italics get really annoying after a long time. As of press time, I haven't found the cure yet.

I'm still waiting for my freedom from this slanting dark world. And I'm going to get it soon. Mark my words, zombie freaks!

MORAL: Zombies are really very powerful. They're currently leaving me to die in this bold italicized world!! When I get to the bottom of this I would treat my friends. I promise that. I desire for that Eureka! moment and I'll do a clean sweep on the things around me. (Clean sweep is like I use my arms to wipe-out everything within reach. Yeps, it's a destructive move.)

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