Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boredom is A Gift

I have never claimed that I have been bored. I think that there are too many things I can do to be... bored. Others say, "I envy you because you have something else to do." Then when I ask him/her, "Why don't your try either reading (a book/magazine), jog around your neighborhood, watch tv or a movie, paint, draw, play a musical instrument, help your parents with the family business, rearrange your clothes, redecorate your room, do a system for your organization, write letters or emails to your friends, slit your wrists, take a bath, brush your teeth, bake a cake, give your dog a bath, try operating the washing machine, wash the dishes, water the plants, feed the fish, sweep the floor, moisturize your face, make your bed, eat something, or pray?" There are truckloads of things we can do. Some for a fee, some for free. But sometimes, I'd rather be bored than type school papers which are (let's admit it) sometimes pointless. Total crap. They're teaching us that there's a template, there's a standard for everything.

So actually doing nothing is a choice.

And it's not something you should be ashamed of. Doing nothing else is a tough thing. I don't get it why people are so shy to say "I'm not doing anything" because doing nothing in particular prompts you to think about life, to philosophize, and eventually do some deep contemplation about you and the things around you. There's an article in Reader's Digest that I read about this. I'll look for it and post about it soon.

MORAL: If the weather's really gloomy and you don't want to move around, feel the cool air, it's best to just sit back and observe. You could reflect on your life as well. It is actually healthy reflecting on your life. You could do an AAR or after action review in your life. What was planned? What actually happened? Why was there a difference? What would you suggest for future endeavors?

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