Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is like one of the most amazing pictures I have seen the entire week. Seeing arms and biceps and star athletes and so cool people. Venus Williams and Dwight Howard = <3.

So okay. My sister looked like a facelift victim (not patient) a while ago. She had a really bad case of allergies. She's not allergic to any food variant but she does so well in the medicine department. She can take paracetamol then go into having her face look like it was beaten up by Manny Pacquiao and friends. Breakfast time and we had waffles! Yay! I really love our waffle maker I even sing lullabies to it at night and watch it sleep. Anyway, she finished one and felt discomfort in her throat. She thought she was going to be sick so she took vitamins. Then her hands felt itchy she thought she's going to have a lot of money. A few minutes later she went haywire and she looked like a boxing victim (Ricky Hatton!!). It seemed like she underwent facial surgery and her body was all reddish. Boo. Dad and Belly took her to the doctor because she's having difficulty breathing properly. She's fine now and back to her giddy self, even though her eyes looked like she cried all night. And oh, while there was commotion here about her allergy attack, I ate the "waffle" thought to be the culprit. I ate two of them. They're blaming the change of brand of the waffle mix. I blame the maple syrup for being so tasty. I really like waffles and maple syrups. Waaah.

I can't say NO to my siblings. Whenever my brother asks permission to borrow my stuff, even though I don't want to, I say something first then give-in anyway. A while ago, he asked me if I could burn the movie he really wants to see, even if it's the only movie in the entire DVD. I said NO. He said he'll buy DVDs. I said, "You haven't given me any money to buy all those DVDs I have burned already." But what the heck, here I am burning movies to accompany that sole movie he wants to watch. Com-pro-mise.

Last night, we watched a documentary on cosmetic surgery. It was amazing! They showed how to do a noselift procedure. It was really cool, but my brother thought otherwise. I thought he was having an epileptic seizure when he tried to watch the procedure. Then there was a part wherein they asked a girl who had a noselift quite some time before,
"Bakit ka inoperahan ulit?"
"Siguro kasi katatawa ko bumuka yung hiwa ko."

@__________@ Oh no.

MORAL: Oh NO. Allergies, sports stuff, and side notes. I have so much in one entry that's why it's so difficult to put labels in this blog. Whenever I think of including labels for all these entries I have posted, I keep on thinking that there would be around 3-5 labels PER ENTRY. It isn't nice at all. I'm pro-holistic development, that's why I'm in Ateneo, but my entries are also holistic. There's a bit of everything in it. Crappolla.

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