Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Huwag Kang Aayaw, Think Positive!

Huwag kang aayaw, think positive!
Pag break mo, kagatin mo!
Drink your Magnolia milk first... yes, ma'am!

When everything seems to be going so well, something crappy will eventually catch up with you and throw you a buzzing chainsaw and you're so surprised you caught it. Make that a buzzing chainsaw and a growing anaconda with a really annoying face. The anaconda bit you in the ear while you missed catching the buzzing chainsaw which you accidentally hugged instead. Cool, eh?

So what now? It's a bummer, yes, but if you whine about it all day, at some point you'll end up whining about why you just whined about it before and didn't do anything.

Well, you could whine while doing something about it. At least you did do something. It's just so funny why things are like that. Slice and dice, baby, slice and dice.

Quoting the great Robin Padilla in his another funny commercial, "Huwag kang aayaw, think positive!" which he repeats infinitely.

MORAL: It super duper (ultra mega) pays to have a famazing party. And if you don't have anything good to say (or type), just shut your trap or cut your fingers. Seriously.

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