Monday, July 27, 2009

Mouse Trap

My sister wants to use the laptop and I told her to just use the mouse instead of her sweating over the use of the touchpad. She looked underneath the table and attempted to joke, "Ehh," obviously pertaining to a real mouse. I said, "Nandun sa right side yung mouse," and she saw the dead mouse trapped in the ugh, mouse trap? All of a sudden, she looked at it, "Ha! Yesterday you were so happy, and now you're dead. Life's like that. So unfair!" She didn't waste time and looked at me afterwards, "May ganon?!"

She did the Filipino version, "Kahapon masaya ka..... Ngayon? Patay ka na."


MORAL: If your sibling remembers the show times of all the shows in the tv (and is updated with what happened in the shows), and she's always there when you're awake, sane, or the likes, maybe your sibling is unemployed. Unemployment can drive one nuts.

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