Friday, July 17, 2009

No More Italicized World!!!

I'm just so happy my fonts are back to normal. Ok, let's do a "system restore" on the events. Nerdy!

Immil told us randomly while we were eating lunch that when he uninstalled his Left 4 Dead, his fonts went kaput. I almost screamed with the analogy of the events. Bold and italics. Wow, I thought I was just imagining things but they're actually factual! When I told some friends about it one replied, "but why would you uninstall L4D?!" I thought maybe it is considered taboo to actually uninstall Left 4 Dead because it's so haaawt right now. (Hello! If I can't be the zombie, what fun is there? I just don't want to be a human survivor, I want to be the predator as well. I don't want to tote guns and ammos around, I want to hunt humans, and rip them apart... if I'm a zombie in L4D.)

So I asked him what he did. He told me that he just let it go at first, then he did a system restore after being some kind of annoyed with the fonts. Then, after a few days his sound card went MIA. Maybe Immil thought he was going deaf but he wasn't. So he did the one thing I fear the most in the computer verbs world: reformat. I was really in deep contemplation about it, because he's already advising me (repeatedly) to back my files up. He was hinting that it's the only thing left for me to do. NOOO WAY, JOSEEE! I have to look for other ways to undo this mess I made. I HAVE to! Keep the faith!

So after paying tribute to the crazy magic people from Swogharts, "AHAHAHAHAHA" is all I can say. Eat my shorts, zombies!!! I can type with my fonts, I can read stuff from my browser with the usual settings, and my neck won't hurt because of trying to adjust to the italics (this is not true, I don't tilt my head to make the italics seem normal).

MORAL: If there's a will, there's a way. This one's kinda sucky and cliche, but it definitely worked for me. Happiness for two hours! Of course, after that I'm back to the normal "busy, much?" self. Working without italicized and bold fonts makes it easier, though. Smile. :)

(So what has Marat's picture got to do with the entry? Seriously, do you really want to know? I can give you a five-paged essay single spaced, font size 9, Times New Roman, 1" all sides about it in around 30 minutes MAX. I have even proofread it by then, which is something I don't do with my entries. Smile. :D )

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