Monday, July 20, 2009

Their Way Or The Highway

Kobe's here in the Philippines... again!! I really like Kobe Bryant, woohoo! However, this entry is not about him. It's about my favorite brand of all time, APPLE.

I'm not a fan of Steve Jobs, Apple, the Mac, and now even the iPods (when they started dishing out generations upon generations of new models, what-the-heck maybe they're going on until 15th Generation iPod Invisible gets into the market, I got turned-off more with Apple). The first time I bought a laptop, my godmother suggested I get a Mac. I almost gave her a WTF look. Mac? No. Then when I'm getting a new laptop, someone suggested I try a Mac. Oh really now.
Ever since my previous laptop died on me, I didn't install iTunes in the new slave computer. I have an iPod, yes, but I'm using a different application to put new music in my nano (I still own the same iPod Nano I bought in my freshie year as I do not sense the need for a new one). So okay, this is an Apple-Go-Kiss-My-iPod entry. However, since I have posted before that I cannot say no to my siblings, I was somehow pushed into the corner and decided to install iTunes in the new comfoooter. Why?

My brother has been yelping on for so long on how he wants to have an iTouch. Yes. I told him if it were me, I'd go for the iPod Video that has around 120 or is it 160 GB of storage, all for the price of less than the cheapest iPod Touch out there. However, I was not the one buying an iPod. So finally, we went to Digital Hub yesterday to buy his iTouch. I can sense his excitement and all that he paid for our food. Then, my horror began when we got home. I tried operating it but read that it must be plugged into the computer first with the LATEST ITUNES available. DANG!! Our PC can't handle that, I guessed, so there was nothing else to do but sacrifice my laptop to Steve Jobs! If I don't install any iTunes in this hardware, my brother's iTouch is as good as a bar of soap. No, actually a bar of soap is more useful than it.

iTunes and QuickTime are packaged so here they are in my system. However, I uninstalled QuickTime because it's useless for me. Then when I tried to launch the iTunes application, POOF QWERTY #$^&#@$#@?! ITUNES AIN'T WORKING!!! It said that it needs QuickTime for it to work. So now I have to fix this thing so that I won't piss myself off.

MORAL: Apple, is like George Bush. It's their way or the highway. Go fudge your highway. That's why I prefer Bill Gates over Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the marketing person's idol, while Bill Gates is the programmer's idol. Me? I am myself's idol. Oh yeah, even you, too. Bitter, much? Yes.

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