Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wimbledon 09: The Grass Would Always Be Greener

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Champions.
Always A Venus, Not A Serena

So it was almost a repeat of last year, a Williams won the Venus Rosewater dish while the Williamses won the doubles title. This time, there was an exchange of first names for the singles trophy. This is Serena's year for Wimbledon, while last year's was Venus'. I'm a genuine Williams fan, but when they face each other, I'm Venus all the way. Personality-wise and in all other things, I'm still Venus all the way. Too bad those I root for always tend to not win. Sorry, Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova, it's my fault sometimes though it's mostly your fault as well that's why you don't win as much. Always a Venus, never a Serena. Okay, it could also be always a Venus, sometimes a Serena. In Gossip Girl, I'm still never a Serena (hello, Blair for the win!). But yeah, when it was a Serena Williams - Elena Dementieva match, I was for the Williams. So how do I handle losses? (Prepare for narrow-mindedness in the next 2 lines!) Never a graceful loser, wait, that's so pathetic - graceful in defeat. Perhaps it's applicable to those who are not competitive enough. (End of narrow-mindedness.) Last time, when Dinara Safina lost to Svetlana Kuznetsova in the French Open, I was in the Tagaytay while my friends were drinking, and now, it was my friends' combined birthday party. Since, the party place was just walking distance from us, I left with too much excitement to watch the Finals and then returned with a broken spirit. I was so dang frustrated. So how do I handle losses, defeats? Violence? Exercise? Alcohol? Gluttony? Depression? Revitalized ambitions? I won't answer.

Venus, why? My hopes and dreams, why?

My title could go in two ways, because Venus Williams is the underachieving sister. Yeah, she may have 7 singles titles and an Olympic gold medal under her belt but compared to her younger sister, hrmmm. I'd still be a Venus. She's pro-equality hello, she answers with a lot of humility hello, and she loves her sister hello.

No Tears But Smiles

It was an epic final, but there were not much of rallies, just serving lessons. One could serve with blinding speed while the other proves that shot placement dictates play. Roddick was the better player as he gave fantabulous shots both from the forehand and backhand sides. Roger had more errors, well, except that Andy can do a lot more on his slices. His slices were fugly compared to the other parts of his game today. Andy Roddick thinks Federer's in cahoots with the HawkEye challenge system. Roger may not be the best in challenging, certainly the only faulty part in him. Roddick could be nominated as the sweatiest player (while Roger doesn't seem to perspire at all) or could even be the man with the most unnecessary gestures. He lifts his arm, adjusts his cap, keeps on pulling his shirt, adjusts his uhh err scratches his "inner thigh" and all that. So I got bored with the first set, it's a serving contest. I have seen so much of Brooklyn Decker to appreciate her that much, because the more you see someone the more you'll appreciate him/her (although this is not applicable to everyone). They have shown Gavin Rossdale so many times as well. I think I have a crush on Brooklyn and Gavin already. Mirka may have the biggest bump around, I'm just waiting for the moment she'll pop out her baby, 8 months baby, 8 months. Maybe her tummy doesn't have any child in it, just lots and lots and lots of tennis balls.

The Greatest Player in Grand Slam Record. Back to World Number 1. Such a pity for everyone else. (Else may include but not limited to: Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Andy Roddick.)

OUCH PETE SAMPRAS. Talk about rubbing salt into the wait, not just wound, to an open surgery. Without the anaesthesia. You get invited (and everyone expects you to attend) to see the history you built with your greatness crumble in front of you. And people still expect you to be happy about it. The sad thing in sports? No one cares about the runner-up, the number 2, the "person who used to hold the record for [insert something here]." That's life, that's sports, that's entertainment, and that's just plain sad.

MORAL: If you're good at it, be the best you can be at it. After all, if something's worth your time, make the most of it. I'm not just coining phrases or something, but hey it is true! When you get something from the investment you have poured for anything you truly believe in, it is always, always, the greatest thing you could ever have.

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