Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well Heek

Yes, dapat hell week yan pero dahil super duper ultra gasgas na ang term na "hell week" o yung linggong hindi mo alam bakit pero nagsabay-sabay ang lahat ng requirements at exams mo, "well heek" na lang. Dahil by that time, tagilid narin utak mo, at hindi ka na makaisip nang wasto. Good luck naman diba!

Medyo madami akong gagawin. "I really don't know (in Heads and Shoulders accent)" why pero talagang madami eh. Last week, may cumulative akong 4. Hindi yan QPI, pero 4 hours lang ang tulog ko nung pa-Monday, 3 hours nung pa-Tuesday, at 1 1/2 hours pa-Thursday. Walang silbi ang suspension of classes, kasi sa unang suspension, nagtrabaho kami for PM, samantalagang sa pangalawa naman, eh ganun din. Monday may hands-on at may ISA, Tuesday may Theo, at Thursday may Philo.

This week naman, kadiri rin. Monday, PM defense plus org meeting. Tuesday (yesterday) CompSim midterms plus R Stat. Wednesday R ulit plus Immersion meeting ulit. Thursday, Theo paper, CompSim prototype, cluster meeting, IC for org, ay sus. Haha. Friday, dapat may PM midterms ako, pero dahil cool ako at ang galing ng timing ng Immersion ko. Schweng! Go lang.

ARAL: Pray. Wala kang karapatang magreklamo kung hindi ka ako. Oh yeah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mang Inasal

Britney Spears's (there's an apostrophe s) song is Heaven on Earth. Yet, even if I listen to it, I'm still feeling otherwise. Yes, it's my 3 (and possibly even 4) weeks of living death, of agony, of pain. (Lenka and She & Him are playing while I study. I can't play songs I know the lyrics of because I won't be able to study. I'll just be singing the songs all night and day and night.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

I went to school early to study with my blockmate for our hands-on exam (the only exam in the lesson of R Stat) in Contemporary Database. Afterwards we'll be having our Information Systems Administration Long Test by 6pm. Then I'll be having my Theology midterm oral exam in the morning of Tuesday, plus some other extra-curricular commitments.

I thought our exam would be from 6-9pm, so I asked my dad to pick me up around that time. Turned out the exam was scheduled until 8pm only. We finished our long test almost an hour before the time so I just asked my dad to pick me up at the LRT station instead of the idea of withering out while waiting for him. My mom was there, so she treated us to the newly opened Mang Inasal near Puregold. Yeah.

When we were there, my mom was about to call the server. She was saying, "Kuya," when I corrected her, "Ma, ate 'yan." So she repeated, "Ate, ate, para saan po ito?" pointing at the dark orange stuff which turned out to be chicken oil, used to flavor your rice. The server told her, "Ma'am, lalaki po ako." Tralalala.

On our way home, my mom told me, "Anak, ok na sa akin ang maliit na bahay basta malaki ang lawn (but she mispronounced it as LOAN)." "Ma, gusto mo ng malaking utang? Loan?"
"Fine. Yard na lang."

Just now my sister asked me if I know our mom's new pet Garutay.
"Garutay?! Who's Garutay?" My mom was referring to our neighbor's dog, Kiray.
"Ang ingay ingay naman ni Garutay."

Now I'm so sleepy. I love my family.

MORAL: First day is still pretty much okay but sooner or later I'm going to run on zombie mode. I almost screamed to my horror when I saw dark puffy LV bags under my eyes. And I have no plans to sleep tonight (but a nap is highly considered) because I'm going to do my Theology which is not in my best interest. Really, Theology? I'm so sorry.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CDs From Heaven

Taylor Swift didn't release her first album here in the Philippines. Also, the album she released here is the international version - with a different cover, of Fearless.

However, I have a nasty trait that I tend to always want what I don't have (well, I think it's in our nature to want what we don't have). And at the first release of Fearless in the US, I wanted to have a copy of it. I really like Taylor's curly voluminous hair so I got to have the first version she released (and this is the lamest excuse I think I made). Since I'm a good girl, I got my wish. Aside from that, I got a copy of her first album. Yay! (Yes, when I have the first album, I've got to have those released before it. I'm just plain wicked like that.)

Eversince my blockmate Ave introduced The Hush Sound to me, they have been part of my music diet. I don't know if I'm just limited to the few record bars in my vicinity, but I can't seem to find the albums of the artists I listen to (yes, I admit I download a heck lot of music but I buy their stuff so there you go). Well, can't blame them, not yet mainstream or something. Gah. So, manna from heaven arrived and I got the three albums of The Hush Sound. Hurrah!

Last manna from heaven is Kate Voegele's first album Don't Look Away. The sad part here is that she just released a new album and well, there's no way I could get a copy of it but from the Internet (Amazon and the likes). This is sad. Oh well, I'm happy with what I have right now. When I finally got the six CDs, I thought I was going to cry. When my sister told me when I woke up one afternoon (YES I'm not a morning person!) that my CDs have finally arrived, I was super excited just like those kids you see in movies all excited to open their Christmas presents. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy (repeat until the parents just rip the gifts open so their kid would shut the heck up)."

MORAL: I still thank God I'm not hooked up with all those online purchasing. The power to spend your money with just a click is so tempting.

Stress ^ Next Level

Haha. This is going to be the best August-September of my life. I have done a lot of things I shouldn't have done. The words "prioritization", "responsibility", "role model", and "time management" have been sucked by a blackhole.

I'm so stressed on anticipating my death that I think I won't survive. I want a diploma, schmuck!

Crapolla! I watched 2 seasons worth (that would be around 26 episodes, and a whole lot of hours) of some TV series I shouldn't have been watching. I bought stuff wherein I should've been saving money (saving for nothing really). I should've been studying for the most neurotic 2 weeks of my life, but I didn't. I should've been starting a report that would engulf me alive but I haven't. I should be reading and stuffing ideologies in my hippocampus but I haven't done so. I shouldn't be downing 3 cups of brewed coffee (I only drink decaf and I'm more of a tea-person), but I just did because I'm in love with an inanimate object - the coffee maker. I seriously must look for decaffeinated coffee beans.

Now, my innards are all shaking because of stress, agony, anticipation of failure and death, and have I mentioned stress already? (Don't worry, I won't mutilate myself anytime soon.)

Thing is, I won't start reading/studying until the second bell rings. Really, I'm supposed to be engulfing academics right now but I just typed this entry. Great, eh?

MORAL: There are things you hate about yourself and things you really like about yourself. Like, I'm happy with my hair, my non-existent sense of humor, my stomach, and a few more things. Though I really hate one part of myself that when in crunch time, I float away. I suddenly think of theories of everything, I jot down stuff in a notebook, and I contemplate on life, wherein I'm supposed to study about how Aristotle lost his hair while strolling around figuring how a data center could produce a statistical analysis whether or not people want to buy insurance, all while believing in integral evangelization.

I always, always, always, (really) always wait for the emergency alarm before I get out of a burning building. I already noticed the smoke, but I won't go out.

I know it's a ridiculous thing and it's very irresponsible, but the thrill I get when I survive is out-of-this world (no, I don't do drugs). Tragic part is that when I'm stuck, I have no one else to blame but myself.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Midyear Salesperson

Everyone's experiencing mid-something. Midterm exams, midyear progress report, midlife crisis, and the likes. There's a midyear sale in all of the shopping malls at the moment. August 14-16, because it's payday.

I told myself I need a bag. No seriously, I need a bag. My sister has truckloads of bags and I always borrow from her, so I seldom buy a bag. Well, August hits the seldom time so I planned to buy a bag in the midyear sale period.

Just one bag. I thought.

Of course that wouldn't happen if there was a sale. All of the prices just drop dead! So, in the end, I was able to buy a book, 2 pairs of jeans, and a bag. I resisted from buying a CD, because it wasn't on sale. I would buy the CD some time soon, just not now. I'm sure Marie Digby can wait. And I'm reluctant to buy just released CDs because repackaged or re-released albums are just plain painful for me to bear.

MORAL: Leave your credit cards at home when going to sales. Bring cash so you know when to stop. Well, whether you want to stop or not, you're going to be forced to stop because you have nothing to give to the cashier. Unless you brought IOUs that aren't really accepted by anyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bastos Infinitum

My sister buys and reads magazines like it's part of her monthly life. She doesn't subscribe or something, she prefers to scour in all the convenience stores, bookstores, etc. to buy the latest issue. From Candy to Seventeen (I think my sister cried blood when Seventeen released their final issue), Meg to Chalk, and Preview to Cosmopolitan, my sister catches them all.

One time, she left her Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Katrina Halili in the front cover lying around the couch. (This is now possible since my sister really just stays at home all the time.) Then my mother happened to see the magazine. Katrina Halili caught her eye so she picked up the magazine. Then she saw the title of one article, "Penis Files."

She held the magazine and said, "Ang bastos naman nito. Ang bastos, bastos, [...] bastos [...], bastos, bastos nito." And she thought she was looking at FHM.

MORAL: My mom wished there was Cosmopolitan in her generation.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cast A Machete

Yahoo! printed this as "The Big Surprise - 'Machete': Weirdest Cast Ever?" and now I'm reposting what they have posted and react to it just like the way I do. The block quote I'm about to paste makes this entry a candidate for "More Words Copied Than Typed Blog Entries."

"It started as a joke, but one of the fake trailers from 2008's "Grindhouse" is becoming a real movie. Robert Rodriguez, the director of "Desperado," "Sin City" and the "Spy Kids" trilogy, has begun work on "Machete," which began as a preview that ran before his "Planet Terror" segment of the double-feature he made with Quentin Tarantino.

For the full-length movie, Rodriguez has assembled one of the most eclectic casts ever: Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson and Lindsay Lohan. They will join the stars of the original trailer: Danny Trejo, Jeff Fahey and Cheech Marin.

In the movie, Machete (Trejo), a former Mexican Federales, is hired to assassinate a corrupt senator (De Niro). But then he is double-crossed and pursued by a government agent (Alba). Lohan plays a gun-wielding socialite who comes to Machete's aid, and Seagal plays a drug lord from his past. Filming has already begun in Austin, TX, and it will most likely hit theaters next year."

Wow. That's Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Michelle Rodriguez combined in one movie! That's like an amazing feat! Three of my 1,298.36 (figures are 67% accurate) favorite people on Earth are jampacked in one feature film. I don't want to say I told you so, but yeah, I just posted the whole thing from Yahoo! Copied text covered this whole entry.

Okay, Steven Seagal is part of the cast and that gives the movie a minus for me, though I'm sure it'll make my dad happy. Steven Seagal, seriously? Oh well, just celebrate good times and good life. It's 3 in 1 (just like coffee)! Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan. There's action (c/o Michelle), comedy (c/o Jessica), and horror (c/o Lindsay). This film is going to be legendary!

MORAL: If you think it isn't possible, think again. Maybe you need to seek professional help because you always start thinking negatively. Sheesh. Grow up and acknowledge it. Oh, Lord, difficult times for a student are coming up! I can feel it now. (The last sentence is totally out of place.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PAASCU Tuesday

Forget about UAAP, IKR, OMG, OIC, and DLSU. PAASCU is the most buzzed acronym for the week. Uh-huh.

When a maintenance personnel stops you in the middle of your afternoon-I-don't-have-class-yet stroll to ask you "Have you noticed anything different?" randomly, and you can't seem to muster the courage to retort if it's a trick question or a joke, you know something is going to happen. When the restrooms smell like flower gardens (well at least in the morning they do) and the liquid hand soap holder is filled at maximum capacity with blue hand soap that actually emits a fresh fragrance (hand soaps smelling positively is more important than knowing if it can actually kill bacteria or not), and the floors are all so polished heavily that you can see your reflection while taking a pee (hello, CTC and SOM restrooms), AHA! Someone's going to visit Ateneo! Seriously, floors in SEC are so polished I was just waiting for the time I would slip and have a brain contusion. I could be like Michelle Kwan in a month.

A few weeks ago doors which could still withstand a few more banging were mysteriously replaced with new ones, and the department secretaries and other personnels started wearing a collared uniform sporting a patch of the Ateneo's logo. There has been speculations if aircons would be installed at rooms with open windows (read: no aircon). Haha, that's so much wishful thinking.

So the real question is, would cafeteria food taste better because of PAASCU's 2-day visit?

MORAL: First day of accreditation stress and pressure is just about to start and I bet everyone can't contain themselves. PAASCU people would see Ateneans, faculty and staff, looking oh-so-stressed-out and I don't know if that would be a plus. Go, Ateneo! Get that level 4 (again)! [3 out of my 4 classes today were visited by PAASCU accreditors. Wow.]

Kups and Cons

There was an interesting exchange of (few) words a while ago after our earth-shaking, mind-atomic-bomb-blowing Contemporary Database class. DJ*, Ryan*, Karen*, and I stayed for some time after our ContempDB class. I kind of forgot what was our topic but things went like this:

DJ: Kupal talaga oh!
Karen: Tsk. That's a bad word!
DJ: Eh kupal talaga eh!
Ryan: Wow! Alam na ni DJ meaning ng kupal!
Karen: How about conyo? Do you know what's conyo?
Me: Conyo? Conyo is Karen.
Karen: *straight face* --> ._.
Ryan and DJ: HAHAHAHA!

MORAL: There are days like this and days not like this. Most probably, after a hardcore lecture and gut-wrenching class on Contemporary Database, expect more of this. Hmm, wait, DJ (not his real name) is not even our classmate. Where did he come from?!

*Names were changed to protect the innocent, lovely individuals.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

August Nine

Ateneo won the first bloodbath with La Salle for the year. We witnessed a kung-fu master trapped in a basketball player's body, and survived an overtime slugfest. Oh yeah. Take that, La Salle! Dang. I hate dysmenorrhea.

In Korina's show, they featured a 54 year old high school student. They call her "Nanay" and she's now in 3rd year. Nanay Rosa and her husband have 6 kids and had to take care of them and send them to school. Now that her children are all grown-ups and have finished their education, she told them she wants a diploma for herself as well. That's inspiring.

Just a while ago, my mom asked me to make coffee and not the instant type. I enjoy using the coffee maker because you don't have to do anything. Haha. However, from a simple request from my mom, the instance turned into an annoying event. I removed the cover of the coffee maker and was about to clean it when Belly (Yaya Belle) told me, "Magkakape kayo tapos di na naman kayo makakatulog. Mag-ordinaryong kape na lang kasi kayo." And the lines that followed were ugly. I don't want to post it here verbatim. Just that I had a rebuttal about whoever complained that they can't sleep after drinking brewed coffee and that what is ordinary coffee anyway. It was sooooooo annoying! Now she's not talking to me! Why do I have to be the repository for stuff like this?! All my mom wanted was coffee, all I wanted was to use the coffee maker, and sure enough Yaya Belle was just concerned about the insomniacs.

Now, who's pissed off? Me. And uhm, Yaya Belle as well. It's just crapolla. Annoying!!!

MORAL: Brewed coffee + coffee maker + me + Yaya Belle + hearsays = can someone just shut their trap? Just drink coffee somewhere else.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Beach at Home

It's been raining like crazy for some time already. It would be scorching hot for a while, then nimbus clouds eat up the skies so fast like how A(H1N1) spread around the world. Before you know it, it's flooding on the other side of the island. So for the longest time, we've been feeling like we're living in a beach resort. How? There's a tree near our house and we have chimes in our garage. So when the wind blows really hard (which is common now), the branches dance in the air and the leaves sing with it, while our chimes are going crazy. The sounds combined produce a beach-like music effect: the sound of the waves. It's amazing and crazy at the same time. Crazy beautiful. Oftentimes, I tell my sister, "Do you want to swim? I can hear the ocean calling us." "Where's my swimsuit?"

MORAL: I can't help but think of the people affected by the typhoon, especially where I'm supposed to have my immersion which is in Zambales. I remember last year, everyone was scratching their dandruffs off because it's already in the middle of the "typhoon season" and we're only in the first quarter of the ABCs of the typhoon naming scheme. Now, it's been raining too much we might drown if it doesn't stop. Earth to humans! Roxas Boulevard was swamped with 6 garbage trucks-worth of garbage which were thrown back to us by the ocean! Where did those trash come from? Hello, they came from us. Whatever we throw away will come back to us in one way or another, sooner or later.


No, I'm still not writing about Cory Aquino. I'm not good in dealing with death and the likes. Come to think of it, who is good in dealing with death?

Yesterday I watched G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra with a few of my friends. What does G.I. actually mean? There are variations. For the Filipino-Chinese community, when someone says, "GI ka?" It means if you are a "genuine Intsik" or someone who really abides by the traditions of the Chinese. Popular example is that one can only have a romantic relationship with another Chinese. Oh yeah.

Well, you could put truckloads of other words instead of Intsik for the letter I like Ilokanos. Thing is that G.I. Joe, so I'll stick with the "Government Issue" meaning of it. Ok. That's all for the G.I. lesson.

So, how was G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra? I told my brother about it, and he asked me something, "How were the tanks? Were they really cool?" Ugh. I can't remember much about the tanks, more like the aircrafts and Sienna Miller. Oh, and that Cobra boy unmasked himself, something my brother said that "Cobra never did in the series." I won't share much about the film, because well, it's just in its 2nd day of showing. I thought it was going to be a The Mummy reunion. I saw the trailer of Avatar: The Last Airbender and it's... intriguing. I want to watch it!

Obviously, there's a sequel.

MORAL: Sienna Miller is still the Baroness. She's so pretty! Is there going to be a Barbie the Movie? As in real life Barbie. ._.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Her Cut!

Written last July 6, 2009. I obviously have a problem posting an entry in the correct date. Finally, my shoot for graduation picture is done, and I can sport an annoying haircut. So, even though I might look like crap, at least it won't be immortalized in my graduation picture.

My mom has been pressuring me to have my haircut already. It's like she can't get over the fact that my hair grows longer in what we thought to be a faster rate than normal. No, it's not Rapunzel. I think my hair grows with the usual rate, it's just that I have the longest hair here in the household. My highschool sophomore year was the time I carried really loooooong hair. The length of my hair at present is not worthy to contest my sophomore highschool hair.

I have sported short, pixie-cut hair from birth to grade school years. That was when the tv show Popular was the Gossip Girl of today, and there's I forgot her name, but she had this blonde pixie-cut hair and it was amazing. My friend suggested during our elementary graduation practice that for once, I try not to have my haircut and that I let it grow a little bit longer until I can tie it. Before, I tend to think too much if I'd do something or not. So I kept on thinking about growing it longer or have it trimmed or something else, so I really did keep on contemplating about it until our graduation actualized, high school welcomed us (she went to a different highschool so how could you trust that suggestion), and there I was, tying it into a ponytail by the second or third month into first year highschool. That was when my mom started developing theories of my hair growing longer at a faster rate. (No, she hasn't done experiments on it.) So, I don't know how my sophomore year hair got really long, maybe I forgot to have it trimmed, but shampoo costs too much and I'm not fond of combing my hair because:
1.) looks like I don't need it (yes, I'm bragging here)
2.) I'm just lazy to do so
3.) I don't want to see strands of hair when I try to comb/brush (actually, I don't own a brush, just a comb)

Come junior year I have to cut it. Really, really cut it because I'm enlisting myself in the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines. In other words, Citizens Army Training. If you still don't get it, it's like ROTC for high school. We have to tie it in a bun with hairnet all day. So, you have to wake up early, take a bath then dry your hair (unless you want it wet when you tie it - ugh), then remove it when you get home to see your hair get a little curly, then after combing it, it goes straight again.

Junior-Senior Prom. Let's cut this short, I have tried to have my hair have those curly curls. Not wavy, really nice curls was my goal. Too bad David's Salon can't do it. So ok I had to settle for my hair during the prom. I was trying my luck in senior year, same deal, they can't curl it. A lot had their hair straightened out yet there I was, wanting some curls. You really would like what you don't have, eh?

College shizzles, had my haircut and looked a little like Hayley Williams' hairstyle. Paramore hair. Wtheck, I didn't know them by face then, only by music. So, NO, I didn't copy her hairstyle. Now, my hair got longer again and I want to have a really nasty haircut. If I just trim it, nothing new, nothing to look forward to. However, there's the risk here if ever the cut doesn't suit me. Haha. Can't try hiding my hair a lot.