Sunday, August 09, 2009

August Nine

Ateneo won the first bloodbath with La Salle for the year. We witnessed a kung-fu master trapped in a basketball player's body, and survived an overtime slugfest. Oh yeah. Take that, La Salle! Dang. I hate dysmenorrhea.

In Korina's show, they featured a 54 year old high school student. They call her "Nanay" and she's now in 3rd year. Nanay Rosa and her husband have 6 kids and had to take care of them and send them to school. Now that her children are all grown-ups and have finished their education, she told them she wants a diploma for herself as well. That's inspiring.

Just a while ago, my mom asked me to make coffee and not the instant type. I enjoy using the coffee maker because you don't have to do anything. Haha. However, from a simple request from my mom, the instance turned into an annoying event. I removed the cover of the coffee maker and was about to clean it when Belly (Yaya Belle) told me, "Magkakape kayo tapos di na naman kayo makakatulog. Mag-ordinaryong kape na lang kasi kayo." And the lines that followed were ugly. I don't want to post it here verbatim. Just that I had a rebuttal about whoever complained that they can't sleep after drinking brewed coffee and that what is ordinary coffee anyway. It was sooooooo annoying! Now she's not talking to me! Why do I have to be the repository for stuff like this?! All my mom wanted was coffee, all I wanted was to use the coffee maker, and sure enough Yaya Belle was just concerned about the insomniacs.

Now, who's pissed off? Me. And uhm, Yaya Belle as well. It's just crapolla. Annoying!!!

MORAL: Brewed coffee + coffee maker + me + Yaya Belle + hearsays = can someone just shut their trap? Just drink coffee somewhere else.

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