Friday, August 14, 2009

Bastos Infinitum

My sister buys and reads magazines like it's part of her monthly life. She doesn't subscribe or something, she prefers to scour in all the convenience stores, bookstores, etc. to buy the latest issue. From Candy to Seventeen (I think my sister cried blood when Seventeen released their final issue), Meg to Chalk, and Preview to Cosmopolitan, my sister catches them all.

One time, she left her Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Katrina Halili in the front cover lying around the couch. (This is now possible since my sister really just stays at home all the time.) Then my mother happened to see the magazine. Katrina Halili caught her eye so she picked up the magazine. Then she saw the title of one article, "Penis Files."

She held the magazine and said, "Ang bastos naman nito. Ang bastos, bastos, [...] bastos [...], bastos, bastos nito." And she thought she was looking at FHM.

MORAL: My mom wished there was Cosmopolitan in her generation.

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