Sunday, August 16, 2009

CDs From Heaven

Taylor Swift didn't release her first album here in the Philippines. Also, the album she released here is the international version - with a different cover, of Fearless.

However, I have a nasty trait that I tend to always want what I don't have (well, I think it's in our nature to want what we don't have). And at the first release of Fearless in the US, I wanted to have a copy of it. I really like Taylor's curly voluminous hair so I got to have the first version she released (and this is the lamest excuse I think I made). Since I'm a good girl, I got my wish. Aside from that, I got a copy of her first album. Yay! (Yes, when I have the first album, I've got to have those released before it. I'm just plain wicked like that.)

Eversince my blockmate Ave introduced The Hush Sound to me, they have been part of my music diet. I don't know if I'm just limited to the few record bars in my vicinity, but I can't seem to find the albums of the artists I listen to (yes, I admit I download a heck lot of music but I buy their stuff so there you go). Well, can't blame them, not yet mainstream or something. Gah. So, manna from heaven arrived and I got the three albums of The Hush Sound. Hurrah!

Last manna from heaven is Kate Voegele's first album Don't Look Away. The sad part here is that she just released a new album and well, there's no way I could get a copy of it but from the Internet (Amazon and the likes). This is sad. Oh well, I'm happy with what I have right now. When I finally got the six CDs, I thought I was going to cry. When my sister told me when I woke up one afternoon (YES I'm not a morning person!) that my CDs have finally arrived, I was super excited just like those kids you see in movies all excited to open their Christmas presents. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy (repeat until the parents just rip the gifts open so their kid would shut the heck up)."

MORAL: I still thank God I'm not hooked up with all those online purchasing. The power to spend your money with just a click is so tempting.

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