Thursday, August 06, 2009

Her Cut!

Written last July 6, 2009. I obviously have a problem posting an entry in the correct date. Finally, my shoot for graduation picture is done, and I can sport an annoying haircut. So, even though I might look like crap, at least it won't be immortalized in my graduation picture.

My mom has been pressuring me to have my haircut already. It's like she can't get over the fact that my hair grows longer in what we thought to be a faster rate than normal. No, it's not Rapunzel. I think my hair grows with the usual rate, it's just that I have the longest hair here in the household. My highschool sophomore year was the time I carried really loooooong hair. The length of my hair at present is not worthy to contest my sophomore highschool hair.

I have sported short, pixie-cut hair from birth to grade school years. That was when the tv show Popular was the Gossip Girl of today, and there's I forgot her name, but she had this blonde pixie-cut hair and it was amazing. My friend suggested during our elementary graduation practice that for once, I try not to have my haircut and that I let it grow a little bit longer until I can tie it. Before, I tend to think too much if I'd do something or not. So I kept on thinking about growing it longer or have it trimmed or something else, so I really did keep on contemplating about it until our graduation actualized, high school welcomed us (she went to a different highschool so how could you trust that suggestion), and there I was, tying it into a ponytail by the second or third month into first year highschool. That was when my mom started developing theories of my hair growing longer at a faster rate. (No, she hasn't done experiments on it.) So, I don't know how my sophomore year hair got really long, maybe I forgot to have it trimmed, but shampoo costs too much and I'm not fond of combing my hair because:
1.) looks like I don't need it (yes, I'm bragging here)
2.) I'm just lazy to do so
3.) I don't want to see strands of hair when I try to comb/brush (actually, I don't own a brush, just a comb)

Come junior year I have to cut it. Really, really cut it because I'm enlisting myself in the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines. In other words, Citizens Army Training. If you still don't get it, it's like ROTC for high school. We have to tie it in a bun with hairnet all day. So, you have to wake up early, take a bath then dry your hair (unless you want it wet when you tie it - ugh), then remove it when you get home to see your hair get a little curly, then after combing it, it goes straight again.

Junior-Senior Prom. Let's cut this short, I have tried to have my hair have those curly curls. Not wavy, really nice curls was my goal. Too bad David's Salon can't do it. So ok I had to settle for my hair during the prom. I was trying my luck in senior year, same deal, they can't curl it. A lot had their hair straightened out yet there I was, wanting some curls. You really would like what you don't have, eh?

College shizzles, had my haircut and looked a little like Hayley Williams' hairstyle. Paramore hair. Wtheck, I didn't know them by face then, only by music. So, NO, I didn't copy her hairstyle. Now, my hair got longer again and I want to have a really nasty haircut. If I just trim it, nothing new, nothing to look forward to. However, there's the risk here if ever the cut doesn't suit me. Haha. Can't try hiding my hair a lot.

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