Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kups and Cons

There was an interesting exchange of (few) words a while ago after our earth-shaking, mind-atomic-bomb-blowing Contemporary Database class. DJ*, Ryan*, Karen*, and I stayed for some time after our ContempDB class. I kind of forgot what was our topic but things went like this:

DJ: Kupal talaga oh!
Karen: Tsk. That's a bad word!
DJ: Eh kupal talaga eh!
Ryan: Wow! Alam na ni DJ meaning ng kupal!
Karen: How about conyo? Do you know what's conyo?
Me: Conyo? Conyo is Karen.
Karen: *straight face* --> ._.
Ryan and DJ: HAHAHAHA!

MORAL: There are days like this and days not like this. Most probably, after a hardcore lecture and gut-wrenching class on Contemporary Database, expect more of this. Hmm, wait, DJ (not his real name) is not even our classmate. Where did he come from?!

*Names were changed to protect the innocent, lovely individuals.

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